Abound: Best Wholesale Marketplace for Retail Brands

You probably don’t know what unique about Abound wholesale. They are much better than many other wholesale marketplaces for retail brands.
abound wholesale marketplace

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Abound wholesale is a handpicked wholesale platform created to link developing independent brands with merchants so that they can sell their products. In other words, it promotes everlasting relationships while enabling everyone to pursue their passions.

Abound has gained tens of thousands of followers on social media and is well known for its carefully curated selection of products and user-friendly platform. Several well-known media outlets have also featured them.

You might be interested in learning more about the platform’s operation now that I’ve explained what it does. Keep on reading; I’ll offer you all the details on Abound in this complete analysis to help you decide if it’s worthwhile checking out.

What is Abound?

what is abound -marketplace

In 2019, Abound was established right before Covid had an impact on the retail industry. Sales initially decreased, but they quickly recovered when trade exhibitions were scrapped and everything shifted online. They claim to have 10,000 shops and close to 200,000 products.

Like Faire, Abound covers all return shipping costs (with the exception of products damage, which are the brand’s responsibility). They also provide eligible buyers with Net 60 terms, which is a big plus for shops.

Abound highlights that they market their brands to shops using sponsored advertisements and email marketing, but they don’t commit to doing so to a certain extent. Having said that, we have heard from creators that it appears they also attempt to engage with their Facebook groups.

Who is Abound Wholesale for?

The platform was made with brands and retailers in mind. In essence, Abound is able to link small business owners looking for high-quality wholesale products with businesses who supply large quantities of their products. The items are unique and expertly made, much like the brands chosen for the platform.

It obviously makes sense for businesses looking for items to sell, but it also helps brands sell and commission their own work. Additionally, Abound takes care of all the advertising, payment procedures, and returns so you can concentrate on expanding your business and creating new products.


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Is Abound Wholesale Worth it?

is it worth it

With Abound, brands have a place to sell their products in bulk and retailers don’t have to put in any effort to find high-quality products. Each brand was carefully chosen, has a lovely backstory, and offers a distinct and eye-catching assortment.

Additionally, retailers have 60 days to test out products in-store before agreeing to pay for them, making returns simple. In addition, Abound has no fees for selling or shopping, making it a flexible and practical choice.

In light of what I’ve said, I can only come to one conclusion in this Aboundwholesale review: the platform is worthwhile using.

Is Abound Wholesale Legit?

is it legit

One of the most essential aspects to think about when purchasing products for your store is legitimacy.

I’m here to state that this brand is authentic for the sake of this Aboundwholesale review. Thousands of satisfied consumers and well-known media outlets support it, confirming its importance to the retail sector.

Pros and Cons of Abound


  • Easy to setup.
  • It’s a handmade-focused market generally which makes it easier to be competitive.
  • You are able to decline an order in the event that you find one that’s not a good match for you.
  • Commission rates are middle of the group (less than Faireand even higher than marketplaces for free like the Handshake as well as Tundra)
  • Shipping costs are reimbursed, and returns are made simple for brands and retailers This could be an incentive for retailers who use Abound to purchase (which could also be an incentive to buy from Abound.)


  • Brands that have greater than 50 product lines are favored this is quite a bit for a lot of small brands.
  • We’ve heard from a variety of manufacturers that they aren’t receiving many orders through the platform.
  • The focus is on only just the US and UK thus no international producers or retailers currently.
  • A longer wait time to be paid: close to two months from the time of shipment for the more favorable commission conditions.

Customer Reviews about Abound Wholesale

customer reviews

According to Trust Pilot,, Abound Wholesale has overall customer reviews rating of 4.7/5.0 based on 474 reviews which is really positive.

Where to Buy Abound Wholesale?

The range of brands that Abound offers can only be found on their official website helloabound.com.

Abound Alternatives

Peeba: Peeba is a carefully picked online wholesale marketplace with items including office supplies, household products, and pet supplies.

Faire: Retailers can find fresh merchandise for their stores on  Faire, a free wholesale marketplace powered by artificial intelligence.

JOOR:  The virtual showrooms offered by JOOR allow for round-the-clock shopping from any location in the world and operate independently of the buying schedule.

Tundra: Tundra is a platform for selling and delivering products to businesses anywhere.

Ankorstore: Ankorstore is an online market that links retailers all across Europe with manufacturers and designers.

Andisor: Small and independent shops can find, interact with, and purchase from international brands on the marketplace Andisor.


Abound Wholesale is owned by CEO and founder Bill Shope.

Abound presently supports retailers headquartered in the US and the UK. Having said that, they intend to grow in the future to accommodate users from other countries.

You can contact them at their email address support@helloabound.com.

The range of brands that Abound offers can only be found on their official website helloabound.com.

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