How to Use AdSpy Free to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

AdSpy is the best Facebook ad spy tool available, and it may help you learn useful information about what your competitors are doing on the same network you are.

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One of the most affordable forms of online advertising is Facebook advertising, and there are countless advantages to using this incredible platform. The competition is intense as well. But don’t panic; there are many Facebook ad spy solutions available that can assist you in keeping a close eye on the advertisements that your competitors are running.

It’s quite simple to get AdSpy up and running. Additionally, it provides a $75 AdSpy Coupon to help you save even more on your purchase with discount coupon given in this article.

What is AdSpy?

what is adspy

This Facebook ad-spying tool is frequently referred to as the best online tool. The fact that the tool bears and assumes this reputation is not by accident.

The tool gives you access to a huge database that contains all the important data about any online sales business.

You may rapidly identify a Winner product with the help of the tool’s efficient operations, which include a variety of search and filtering options.

AdSpy Features

This spy tool’s user-friendly interface and ability to search for adverts are two of its key advantages (Enhanced Basic Search).

Additionally, it features an immensely large and a variety of search options on its search page.

  • Search

You only need to type the keyword you want to use to look for advertising. To see all the advertising campaigns that correspond to your search parameters, simply scroll all the way down. By selecting “save current search” and giving your search a name, you may then save it for later use. Click on the drop-down menu next to “choose search” to access saved searches.

Additionally, you may obtain the URL of the landing page, a list of links on the landing page, screenshots of the landing pages for the targeted demographics (more particularly, the countries, age groups, and gender).

  • Ads Sorting

When the ads you’re searching appear, AdSpy allows you to sort them by the following guidelines:

  • Latest advertisements on the top
  • The oldest ads are at the very top
  • Ones that have the most liked
  • The ones who have the biggest hearts of love
  • The ones that have the most laughter
  • Ones that get the most “wow” reactions
  • The ones that triggered the most sorrow
  • The ones that triggered an outrage
  • Ones that have the highest shares
  • Finally, those that run for the longest time.
  • Ads Refining

Once you have identified the advertisements that best match your search parameters, you may further investigate them by looking at engagement metrics, ad copy, advertiser information, advertising that share a pattern, and other factors.


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How to use AdSpy for Dropshipping?

Finding winning products for dropshipping is a great idea for this tool. By looking for advertising with the text “Get yours Nowy,” you can find dropshipping ads.

Including more search options like a Shop Now

button, Shopify for Technologies, and Video for Media Type will help.

Select Image as your media type if you’re using Print on Demand.

The majority of dropshippers also frequently provide their products at a 50% discount. Therefore, you could also conduct a search for advertising that include that text.

You’ll largely see dropshipping advertising and products if you browse the search results.

How to use AdSpy Free Trial & Free Credits

free trial

It is easy to create an AdSpy Account. These steps will help you gain access to AdSpy.

  • Visit the AdSpy Website
  • Click on Subscribe
  • Enter your information like email address, first name, last name, password, and company name (optional).
  • Click Register
  • Click on the link to verify your email address from the AdSpy team.
  • Now you are ready to log in to your dashboard and begin using AdSpy’s free credits. After the free credits expire, you’ll need to pay to access AdSpy.

The search box is the first thing you will see on the AdSpy dashboard once you log in using your credentials. AdSpy provides a number of search and filtering tools for finding advertisements.

AdSpy Coupon

It’s quite simple to get AdSpy up and running. In order to help you save more on your purchase, it provides a $75 AdSpy Coupon with code ADSPY75.

Get a $150 off AdSpy coupon here as well! Start browsing AdSpy by using the code MEGADSPY.

AdSpy features are hard to find in any other tool. So, spend your AdSpy Free Credits right away. Watch the best Facebook advertisements now. Apply the AFF75 promo code right now.

AdSpy Pricing


The AdSpy pricing is very simple to understand. There is a cap on how many times you can view an ad in their paid plan, which costs $149 per month. I know from experience that this limit is very high.

With the free ad credits they offer, you can try out their spy tool before subscribing to a subscription plan. It’s not much, but it’s sufficient for you to understand how their spy tools operate.

AdSpy Alternatives

Final Thoughts

AdSpy is an easy Facebook ad spy tool that even beginners can use to get the best results. It is without a doubt a fantastic product that everyone Facebook advertising needs. Additionally, the tool provides an AdSpy Free trial that allows you to use complete tool free of cost.

AdSpy Review: FAQs

AdSpy is the huge database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world.  Finding the ads of your competitors that you need to see becomes a simple task with this tool.

You will receive Free Credits at Sign-up that you can use as a Trial Run before paying a monthly fee of $149.

You can test out Adspy for free for a few days to see if it’s worth it for you or not.

After that you have to pay 149$ per month to continue using it with premium features.

Customers have the right to a complete refund within 24 hours of their purchase. Simply get in touch with them and let them know why you’re cancelling and your username.

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