AliShark Review: A Good Dropshipping Product Hunting Tool

If you are a dropshipper, you are probably aware of how challenging it can be to find products to sell. Alishark is a tool for finding products that are ideal for dropshipping, and it can help you make this decision.

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AliShark was founded by the Shopify Hurrify developers. It is one of many dropshipping product search tools on the market.

AliShark is different from other sharks in that it has its strengths and weaknesses, which we will review in detail in this post.

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What is AliShark?

AliShark is an effective dropshipping research tool that can help you identify the most successful dropping products.

The tool provides detailed information on the amount of orders and wishlists, the performance of products sales trends, the most popular countries, and top dropshippers. Its strengths are in the current data it provides and a variety of advanced filters.

In addition, AliShark has a built-in Video Generator tool, which lets to quickly make ad-based videos to try out different products.

AliShark Product Sources

The tool collects information from Banggood and AliExpress, two major sources.

Most likely, you are already  familiar with AliExpress. A multinational retailer of online products, Alibaba Group owned. Many dropshippers start using AliExpress to find or even source dropshipping products for their business since it provides a large selection of goods at a reasonable price.

Similar to Amazon, Aaron Chen, a Chinese entrepreneur, launched Banggood, a global eCommerce platform. Despite not having the same level of credibility as AliExpress, it nevertheless has a huge number of loyal consumers and is a fantastic resource for learning about profitable dropshipping products that have less competition.


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AliShark Search & Filters Review

1. Search & Sort

Like the majority of other dropshipping product research tools, AliShark’s search box allows you to type in a keyword to quickly identify the products you’re looking for. Additionally, you can use the “Exclude” search option to filter out certain items from your results.

Ordering products by order count, growth rate, wishlist count, and price is possible with the sort function.

2. Categories & Niches

You can limit the products displayed by AliShark belonging to specific categories and market niches. But it just has the highest ones. For example, you can restrict the filter to only display clothing items, but you are unable to choose subcategories like dresses, shirts, skirts, etc.

3. Top Countries

The top countries filter is the next filter. With this, you can show off products that are popular in a particular country

4. Shipping Filter

You can exclude products from your search using AliShark based on the delivery options (ePacket or AliExpress Standard Shipping) and the countries from which they are shipped (US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia).

5. Product Details Filter

In addition to the basic search features described above, you may filter products based on price, purchase history, order duration, daily order volume, number of reviews, wishlist count, and the date a product was added to AliShark.

6. Advanced Filters

AliShark also offers advanced filters such as Dropshipped, Accepts PayPal, and Saved Only.

  • With A Video: Shows products with videos on AliExpress.
  • Dropshipped – Only show items that have been dropshipped (have multiple orders from the same customer).
  • Accepts Paypal – Only displays products that accept Paypal
  • Only: Show only “Save for Later” products.

AliShark offers enough features to help you quickly find profitable dropshipping products, and winning niches to market. We still need to see advanced filters such as saturation degree, number stores selling, fast delivery, and so on.

AliShark Tutorials and Support

Tere aren’t enough detailed tutorials for AliShark’s features or dropshipping in general to get you up and running. However, the tool is really simple to use, so within a few minutes you wouldn’t have any problems using it.

Support for AliShark is sufficient. They often respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. The support team can be contacted directly by clicking on the messaging button in the bottom right corner of the main dashboard or by sending an email.

As an alternative, you can join its thousand of member private group

AliShark Pricing

AliShark has a single basic pricing structure that costs $20 per month. Before investing your time and money, you can start a 2-day trial for for $1. You can always end your membership if you change your mind.


AliShark’s price is cheap and far less expensive when compared to other similar product research tools like Sell The Trend, Ecomhunt, Seller Pulse, or Niche Scraper.

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