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Discovering a profitable product is crucial for a dropshipping business, as you surely well know.

You could employ a variety of various adspy and product research tools.

Or you might use Minea, an all-in-one tool that makes it simple to discover winning products and advertising ideas!

But is Minea the most effective tool for dropshipping product research?

Do you want to use Minea?

In this review of Minea, let’s find out!

What is Minea?

what is Minea

To assist you in finding the most effective dropshipping products to market, Minea analyses all online advertising.

They assist you in quickly finding the top ad creatives for your particular e-commerce market as well.

Over 15 million advertising for the Minea dropshipping tool have been placed on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and most recently TikTok.

You can utilize their ad spy tool to enhance your marketing efforts if you’ve already identified a profitable product for your dropshipping business.

Even better, look at the top influencer marketing initiatives!

Let’s look at their extensive list of features as we continue this Minea review.

Minea Features

find winning products

The Minea app will be available to you right away as your membership is completed. Because of how simple the UI is to use, anyone can start using the tool to start looking for a product.

You can start your product search by typing a term into the search bar, which is at the very top of the main interface.

Minea collects the top 10 products each day from a variety of social media marketing. A number of online shops have admitted to use the app’s top-performing product list.

Test some of the items on this list without hesitation. On the other hand, if you wish to start your own product search, you can click on one of the platforms on the left interface (Facebook, Pinterest, or Tiktok). Continue reading this comprehensive guide to minea dropshipping tool to keep track of the winning product strategies of competitors.

  • Finding Winning and Profitable Products

Minea can assist you in finding profitable products for your dropshipping and online stores. To highlight the best products, it integrates search results from Facebook, Tiktok, and Pinterest.

Right there on the interface, Minea generates a list of the top 10 products for the day. You can then pick from the list after that. Even better, every platform provides a different way to search for products. In order to uncover these winning products, you can filter your search. Keywords, eCommerce platforms, countries, niches, or the most recent ads may all be used as filters.

A successful product can be found with the help of sophisticated filters. The advanced settings of the UI let you see that. Looking at the inception date of the advertisements might help you assess whether a product is successful. Record the number of days the ads have been running.

  • All-in-one Tool for Your Dropshipping Business

A dropshipping business must be properly researched before being launched. You need to search the various social media channels to learn what your target audience is looking for.

Minea, a one-stop tool, allowed you to skip going through that time-consuming process. There is compatibility between Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. It therefore gathers all the data from each of these platforms that you’ll require to be successful in your dropshipping business.

  • Innovative Brand Development Technique

Copying a successful tactic is far easier than coming up with a brand-new idea from begin. With Minea’s adspy tool, you may monitor competitors who are having success with their e-commerce ventures to find out how effective their ads are.

You can apply their marketing strategies to your own. You might also see certain weaknesses in their marketing tactics. You may then make the necessary adjustments in yours so that your advertising are more noticeable


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Advertising Platforms of Minea

Minea can use on these famous social media paltforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Minea Chrome Extension

You can use Minea’s Chrome extension to customize your product source.

It can also get rid of aspects like pop-up advertising and other useless features like internet videos that automatically start.

By using Minea chrome extensions, you can customize the way people search for your products so that you can prioritize serving your store’s needs first. So that you may discover positions for your store more quickly than others, you should focus on winning products.

Minea Pros and Cons


  • It saves your time.
  • It is all-in-one tool.
  • In comparison to other adspy tools, it is inexpensive.
  • Finding winning products is simple
  • updated with new product releases



  • It’s for one user only.
  • unsatisfactory client service
  • It is difficult to do a product search as a result of the different large platforms.

Minea Pricing


Minea offers 3 different plans

  1. Minea Lite for 0 Euro

Minea Lite is a free version. It offers these features:

  • 500 Research Credits
  • Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Filters
  • Chrome Extension
  • Influencer Research
  • Ads Details


  1. Minea Starter Package for 49 Euro per month

This package offers all the features on free plan plus 10000 research credits.

  1. Minea Premium

It includes every feature included in Minea Starter plus:

  • 100,000 Research credits
  • Shop Analysis
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

You can check the Minea Pricing plans here

Find Winning Products Using Minea in 2 Minutes Practical Tutorial

Minea Alternatives

Like any other tool, Minea has some potential alternatives which are listed below:

You can also have a look at the best product research tools here.


We can state that Minea is the all-in-one ad spy solution you require to find a profitable product for dropshipping and online sales swiftly. Minea distinguishes itself from its competitors with its sophisticated functionality, which enables you to narrow down your findings remarkably precisely. Analyzing commercials, brands, influencers, product placements, and retailers is possible.

When you investigate, you have access to many additional features or advantages that can assist you in finding the greatest niche, conducting product research, finding influencers to market your products, analysing rivals’ advertisements, and more.


Yes, Minea offers a cost-free package called Lite. But the Starter plan costs 49 euros per month, and the Premium plan costs 99 euros per month.

Yes. It is legit and secure to use.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription before the following deduction is made once the month or year’s subscription is almost up.

No. Minea does not provide refunds, like the majority of other product research tools.

Sort of. It combines product research tools with ad spying tools.

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