Amazon Return Pallets: How and Where to Buy Them in 2022

There are many methods to begin selling online, but Amazon return pallets are one that is simple, affordable, and has the potential to be profitable.
amazon return pallets

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Find out how and where to look for Amazon pallet sales if you’re a business owner actively looking for Amazon returns. Then, determine whether or not this presents an opportunity to earn money on the secondary market.

Other than Amazon Return Pallets, another potential way to earn money from Amazon is Amazon Mystery Box. The Amazon mystery box is basically a box containing returned products from Amazon. But we will look into details on how and where to buy Amazon Return Pallets in this article

What are Amazon Return Pallets?

what are amzon return plts

Amazon return pallets are stocks of returned items which are sold for discounted prices in large quantities.

Buyers of these pallets have the option to keep the items that are useful to them and refurbish the others so they may resell them, giving them the chance to make significant profits.

The more goods a person buys, the cheaper they can get them.   However, customers frequently buy these Amazon pallets without knowing whether the products are working or not. Consequently, buying in these pallets may be risky.


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Are Amazon Return Pallets Worth It?

It can be exciting and fun to purchase and resell Amazon returns in volume, and you could make up to $100,000 doing so.


The key benefit of this business strategy is that it doesn’t require a lot of storage.

The majority of the items you purchase from your pallet will be right away returned to Amazon’s warehouses for resale or put up for sale on eBay.

Because you’ll be depending on 3rd party marketplaces for your sales, it also doesn’t cost much money or technological expertise to get started.


However, purchasing and selling returned items over time is difficult to scale and can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel. You frequently end up with a lot of unsaleable products since you never know when your next pallet will be your last.

Therefore, purchasing and selling these return pallets can be a fantastic way to dip your toes in the water without taking too much risk if you are new to selling online.

Where to Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

where to buy Amazon-return-plts

Amazon return pallets are available for purchase directly from Amazon or via a third-party liquidation service.

Amazon sells its unsold inventory at auction to the highest bidder each year. After the holiday season, when many people return unwanted gifts, these auctions frequently take place.

Additionally, there are other Amazon liquidation shops that purchase from Amazon and other independent businesses in exchange for a percentage of each transaction.

Regardless, buying Amazon returns is virtually always a real gamble, but if you bid less than 20% off MSRP, depending on how much time you spend refurbishing your products, you have a reasonable chance of turning a profit.

A list of places is shown below about where to buy Amazon Return Pallets.

  • Amazon Liquidation Auctions

Amazon Liquidation Auctions have been introduced thanks to a partnership with B-Stock. The official B2B marketplace where you can purchase overstock products straight from Amazon is called Amazon Liquidation Auctions.

You need to register with B-Stock and receive approval to bid before you can place a bid on an auction. There is no charge to apply or to be a buyer who is authorized.

Currently, Amazon Liquidation Auctions only accepts US applicants, and you must be in possession of a current reseller certificate in order to be accepted.

  • BULQ

In addition to working with Amazon, BULQ is one of the largest online sellers of products in liquidation.

BULQ’s no auctions is one of its best features in my opinion. If you find something you want, simply put it in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.

Consequently, BULQ might be a better option if you dislike auctions.

In comparison to other liquidation stores, you also have a lot better view into what is inside the pallet.

It’s also important to note that BULQ provides several pallet liquidations on their website. Although “uninspected returns” make up the majority of pallets, you can also find pallets containing brand-new items.

  • rarely provides any information regarding what’s inside your pallet for sale.

The auction approach can generally be hit or miss. You can save a lot of money if you can find a pallet for which no one is placing a bid. However, popular pallets frequently receive bids that are much higher than what the pallet may be worth.

It’s a real gamble.

  • works with well-known big box retailers like Target and Walmart in addition to doing a lot of business with Amazon.

It’s convenient that you may search on by brand or retailer.

For instance, you can filter to only display products from Target if that is where you want to purchase returns.

Similar to, all sales are made through auction, and in order to place a bid on a pallet, you must first create an account.

Additionally, you need to exercise caution when it comes to the auction images because they might not accurately depict the items that are being auctioned.


One of Amazon’s direct liquidation shops.. On their portal, you can find individual items, pallets, and even truckloads of product returns. Find an auction and submit a bid if you want to purchase a lot of items at once. sells products that have been returned from other businesses like Dell, Macy’s, Sears, and others. Additionally, they rate their products with letters, with A being the highest quality and D representing the lowest.

How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

how to buy amazon return pallets

Directly from Amazon or through a liquidation business like BULQ or are the two best places to purchase from.

The price decreases as you are willing to purchase more. Usually, Amazon liquidated products are sold by the pallet or by the truckload.

The pallet or bundle will typically have a “estimated retail value” when you purchase liquidated items from Amazon, and they are nearly always sold at auction.

Purchasing Amazon pallets works very similarly to purchasing “Storage Wars” episodes, with the exception that you cannot even look at the items.

The majority of websites that sell Amazon return pallets are categorized by lot size, brands, stores, and locations.

Although it usually makes more financial sense to hunt for Amazon liquidations in your local area, you can arrange to have the pallet sent directly to your warehouse if you end up bidding on and winning an auction.

Are Amazon Return Pallets Safe to Buy?

Purchasing Amazon return pallets from a reputable retailer, such as BULQ or Amazon Liquidation Auctions, ensures complete safety. However, the things you receive in an Amazon return pallet may vary in terms of quality and condition.

While some products might be broken or missing pieces, others might be completely new in their original box.

Purchasing these pallets is never a sure thing. You can make a large sum of money if you take the time to sort through and restore the returned products.

How to Make Money by Selling Amazon Returns?

Refurbishing the items and retailing them at greater prices on online stores like Amazon or your own e-commerce site is the best way to make money with Amazon return pallets. Retail arbitrage is the term usually used for this practice.

The key to selling these pallets successfully is to spend the time necessary to restore as much of the item as possible to make it appear “like new.”

Additionally, there are a number of tactics you may use to increase the value of your liquidated products; this is both an art and a science.

85$ Amazon Return Pallets

Price Per Amazon Return Pallet

  • The price of an Amazon liquidation pallet will vary depending on the size of the pallet, the liquidation website (some liquidation websites have fixed rates, while others have liquidation auctions).


    Generally speaking, the cost per pallet might vary from $100 to $5,000 depending on the value and quality of the goods. Additionally, some can cost up to $10,000 and sometimes even less than $100.

Why to Invest in Amazon Return Pallets?

Here are a few key reasons to purchase Amazon Return Pallets

  • There is an inexhaustible supply of items

There are surplus stock, Amazon returns, lost cargo, local auctions Storage units and a myriad of other inventory sources to choose from. Make sure to choose an authentic seller. Review reviews and make sure you choose reliable sources.

  • Low start-up costs

They cost just a only a fraction of what you would spend if you worked directly with wholesalers and retailers. Start today by spending only a few hundred bucks.

  • It is easy to resell items

It is possible to expand your brick-and-mortar stores by utilizing surplus stocks. It is possible to sell your products almost everywhere including garage sales, flea markets and social media. WordPress eCommerce site, Shopify, Amazon, eBay and resales platforms such as Thredup or OfferUp. The possibilities are endless.

  • Profit margins of huge profits

Amazon Return pallets can be extremely affordable. If you use them correctly you can transform a pallet worth $500 into a hefty profit of $2500. Then repeat

  • Fine-tune your target audience

You can choose to Pick random products or search using filters to determine the items that your buyer has requested. You can also create special lot sizes.

Pros and Cons

pros and cons

There are always some pros and cons of any business you do. Amazon Return Pallets are not exception to this:


  • You can utilize any Profit Calculator on Amazon to determine whether it’s worthwhile to sell specific products.
  • You don’t need much storage.
  • It doesn’t need a huge investment.
  • You don’t require any technical knowledge and it’s the ideal method to begin an online store.
  • Get rid of the middleman and increase your profits.



  • Certain online liquidation companies will not provide you with specifications about the products they have in their Amazon returns pallets.
  • It is difficult to scale or grow using this model of business.  
  • In most cases, you’ll find things that are used but you’re not in a position to sell.


I hope the information I provided regarding Amazon Return Pallets helped you see how you could potentially profit from a problem.

Put your understanding about Amazon Return pallets into practice now that you are familiar with them.

Today, find an Amazon returns auction or liquidation company and begin bidding on used or returned products.

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