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There are so many sellers on Dhgate. It becomes difficult to select just one seller. Therefore, you must filter the best Dhgate sellers.
best DHgate sellers

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DHgate is one of the biggest, famous and trusted e-commerce platforms after AliExpress. Whatever kind of product you are looking for, DHgate is likely to have it. Therefore, have a look at the list below if you intend to find the best DHgate sellers.


DHgate offers over 22 Million products in the niche of consumer electronics, fashion, beauty and health and many other kinds of items. It also has over 21 million buyers and 2 million sellers.


We gathered DHgate best sellers across several categories and included them in the list below. These sellers’ stores have the highest ratings in their respective niches and are therefore regarded as being extremely reputable and reliable.

Is DHgate Legit?

DHGate website is a legit platform with over $10 million earning in annual sales. This Chinese b2b e-commerce platform links international businesses. DHGate has a lot of positive ratings, its vendors offer high-quality products, and they offer dependable after-sales support.

However, because DHGate is such a vast marketplace, it contains a variety of sellers, including third-party dealers and others, with differing levels of quality.

10 Best DHgate Sellers in 2022

10 best dhgate sellers
  1. IZeso

One of the best DHGate sellers IZeso has over 2800 satisfied customers and a remarkable 99.6% positive review rating. They are renowned for producing excellent airpod reproductions that are reasonably priced. They sell airpods that are identical to the original, including the i11 and i12. You won’t have any regrets if you purchase airpods from this seller.

Also available are cases for your AirPods, which have been expertly crafted and feature fantastic designs that you are sure to adore.

  1. Btime

It can be very challenging to find watches that are both of good quality and reasonable price. Fortunately, Btime’s products are reasonably priced and manufactured from high-quality materials. Additionally, Btime creates incredibly fashionable analog watches.

All kinds of preferences and tastes are provided by the large variety of styles. Additionally, their catalog offers up to a 50% discount on names like Vacheron Constantin and Rolex. In the last few years, this business has completed close to Thirty Thousand transactions and received over 97% positive feedback.

  1. Blueberry 12

Blueberry 12 is one of the best DHgate sellers, and  has been selling clothing for more than 5 years. This seller has received 97% positive feedback and has hundreds of devoted clients. Blueberry 12 is regarded as being extremely trustworthy because it has completed more than forty transactions in the last five years.

The items this seller sells are really stylish and appealing. In addition to tees and hoodies, this pop culture retailer also sells coats, shirts, shorts, and other items for your wardrobe. In addition to the current fashions, Blueberry 12 also sells dresses and bikinis.

  1. Flydeam

One of the biggest and best DHGate sellers is Flydream. With over 14,800 delighted clients who are incredibly thrilled with their products, they have a positive rating of just above 97%. In their store, you’ll find anything and everything. Whatever electronic gadget you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. You may find anything you need here for a reasonable price, from flat irons to facial massagers.


  1. Wholesale Shop

About eight years after opening, Wholesale Shop has a 99% positive rating. More than 9000 of their clients are content with the household products they buy from them. Your home contains literally everything you could possibly need. From mugs, towels, and pillowcases to pet items and kitchen equipment, they provide a vast range of products. It’s understandable why this made our list of the DHGate best sellers.


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    6. Jumpman Shoes

Jumpman Shoes is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular DHgte best sellers.  This company’s main areas of interest are the creation, development, and sale of basketball and running shoes. Over 12500 transactions have been made in various international markets.

They make shoes that are not only fashionable and comfy but also quite durable. The sneakers are of excellent quality and are expertly made to suit the tastes and fashion preferences of men. All of the shoes in their portfolio are made from breathable materials. They are therefore perfect for marathon runs and demanding workout sessions.

    7. Factorystore

One of the top sellers of beauty products on DHGate is Factory shop, with 97.6% positive feedback and over 26000 transactions. They have reliable skin-friendly items. Their store includes a wide range of goods, such as jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and more. To meet the needs of their wide range of consumers, they offer high-quality items at competitive costs. They also place a high value on customer satisfaction.

    8. Glass Smoke

You’ll want to purchase each of the products in this posh store with a posh name. They have more than 8000 transactions and a 97.7% positive feedback rating. They feature a wide variety of high-quality makeup replicas. Numerous skincare items are available to support you in maintaining a healthy routine. They guarantee that you receive the products on schedule. They also place a high importance on their clients and work hard to keep them happy.

    9. DHBeauty1

With a favorable rating of 97.8% and more than 7000 satisfied clients who adore their products and services, DHbeauty1 is one of the best DHgate sellers.  In their store, you can find any form of cosmetic item you might want. Everything from eyeshadow to lipstick to foundation to mascara can be found here. For all your makeup and other beauty-related requirements, you should definitely check out their store.

    10. Alfang

Alfang’s products have a luxurious, European feel to them, and their brightly colored items will undoubtedly make you feel young and millennial. The necessary hangtags, dust bag, and box are included in shipping, making the item a simpler and more attractive gift. There are also card holders, passport covers, purses, and pouches available in the store.

How To Choose The Best DHgate Seller?

Finding the best DHgate sellers is a real effort. It is important to be more wise by examining the sellers on the most popular platforms for online shopping, and go to place an order. While doing this, you may be a victim of scammers as well.

But, there are numerous guidelines you should follow to find the top seller within the product class.

  1. You can search the box on Dhgate, and then write the item you want to purchase like T-shirts.
  2. The top of the page will showcase the DHgate best sellers that offer quality products. It is essential to look through all sellers.
  3. Visit the profile of the company to see if the store has interesting products.
  4. Take a look at the good reviews feedback from other buyers about the seller’s popularity and filter out false reviews.
  5. Ask questions: Keep a few in mind to inquire about the best DHgate sellers.
  6. You should verify the item’s quality. If the retailer is renowned and offers quality products at its most popular store for low costs, then you can click the buy button.

This is how you can identify the best sellers on Dhgate to ensure the top product deal with the best alternatives.

Tips to Buy on DHgate

  1. The very first thing to do is confirm the legitimacy of the seller. You can also read any reviews written by previous customers. This is crucial as you have to be aware of whether the seller you intend to purchase from is trustworthy and has no complaints. Be sure to stay away from sellers who are brand new since they won’t have enough reviews that are positive, and they will not be able to determine if their goods is good or not.
  2. The next thing you should do is to look over the seller’s profile to see whether there have been studies or reviews that have been completed on their store or products. You’ll be able to find out if audits had been conducted in the past and the frequency of these audits and you’ll get an idea of whether their products are being inspected and being confirmed by a regulatory organization.
  3. Sometimes, you might not be able to locate the exact product, especially when it’s brand-named. The only way to find what you’re looking for on DHgate is to use specific keywords like the model’s name, or number of the item.
  4. I would also suggest contact with an individual seller before purchasing in case you are unsure or have doubts about the products they sell. If you ask a seller question regarding their products will reveal the degree to which they understand what they’re selling, and it will help you discover if the seller is legitimate or not, based on the way they answer.

DHgate Dropshipping

DHgate is undoubtedly a wonderful platform for dropshipping because it offers over 30 million products at a fraction of the cost in almost any specialty and offers product quality control. Additionally, it has a fantastic buyer protection program that guarantees orders will receive partial or full returns if they are not as stated.

Below are additional features that make DHgate an excellent choice for dropshipping

  1. Delivery is expected Within between 3 and 15 working days.
  2. Worldwide delivery to more than 20 countries, regions, and territories.
  3. Shipping companies comprise China Post, ePacket, EMS, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, DHL, FedEx, and UPS.
  4. Order tracking via 17TrackParcelApps, or Track24.
  5. Multilingual sales are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and Turkish.
  6. Accept a variety of payment options such as Paypal as well as credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc. ) and bank-to-bank wire transfers, as well as Western Union.DHGate keeps payments in the course of transactions until the buyers have received their order (Escrow Payment Method). This makes it easy for both your customers and you to claim a refund.
  7. DHGate Meditate assists you in settling dispute with DHGate sellers, if they cannot agree within five days.

DHgate Shipping Time

For international customers, DHgate ships goods to many countries. The terms “shipping times” would vary between countries. How long does it take DHgate to deliver packages to different countries? The chart below can be used as a guide about DHgate shipping time depending on your destination.

dhgate shipping time

DHgate Alternatives

Some potential DHgate sellers are available.  If you want to try them, there are listed below:


Finding the proper sellers might be challenging given that DHgate is, along with AliExpress, one of the most well-known and frequently used e-commerce platforms. However, we included some of the best DHgate sellers in today’s list which are definitely best for this platform.

DHgate FAQs

There are a lot of good DHgate sellers with exceptional, unique products. The enormous number of retailers could be too much for you to handle. We’ve put up the list of 10 DHgate trusted sellers above who offer fantastically priced, high-quality products that will make your task easier. No matter what you are looking for, you will find good DHgate sellers on our list because we have made an effort to include merchants from practically every category.

Finding the good trusted DHgate sellers who have the product you’re looking for would be the first step. To assist you, you can look at the sellers given in this article above.  While some sellers have a minimum quantity demand, others are prepared to sell merely one piece of the item. Don’t forget to read the reviews for a more accurate picture.

If you’re buying in volume, you can negotiate with the seller to get a lower price. You might first order a modest quantity from a vendor if you are unsure about them and are wondering if the things you will receive from them will be good.

DHGate website is a legit platform with over $10 million earning in annual sales. This Chinese b2b e-commerce platform links international businesses. DHGate has a lot of positive ratings, its vendors offer high-quality products, and they offer dependable after-sales support.

The “Ask Seller a Question” button on DHGate is the best way to get in touch with a seller. However, you will need to register for an account in order to use this feature. 

Yes, PayPal is an option for your payment method. Your transaction can be completed on the PayPal website after you are directed there.

You can monitor the progress of your payment using your PayPal account.

DHgate’s headquarters are in Beijing, China, but because to their extensive international consumer base, they serve clients globally. They import 90% of their sellers from China.

Go to your order page and click the “Cancel Order” option if you want to cancel your order before it is processed.

You must “Request Refund” and wait for the seller’s response after two hours. You will receive a refund right away if the vendor doesn’t respond within seven days.

Yes, Dhagte enables customers to communicate with reliable vendors and obtain the best products. You have the refund procedure for buyer protection, which is sufficient to allow you to receive a return if the transaction is unsuccessful.

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