5 Best Free Dropshipping Product Research Tools

The majority of available product research tools are expensive, but what if you don't yet have the money to buy them.
free dropshipping product research tools

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How many of you have been wanting to open an online store for a while but have held off because of financial worries? Okay, not any longer. There are an a plenty of dropshipping tools available for free in 2023.

You may now dropship for free! The beauty of this business concept has always been its low upfront risk and minimal (or even zero) investment to dropship!

It’s essential in every way to run your business with the appropriate free dropshipping tools. You free up time on your hands to focus on what matters – promoting your online store and completing sales – by letting tools handle labor-intensive activities. This free dropshipping product research tools guide will help you to know about the available tools which you can use for free to kick start your dropshipping store.


Let’s move on!

What are Product Research Tools?

A product research tool is a software that automatically hunts the winning products for you. It can search suppliers, identify products that have sold the most frequently over a certain period of time, and extract these results for you. This tool can help you save a huge amount of time. The final step is for you to upload these products.

When starting their business, many dropshippers may find it difficult to decide what to sell because they want to be sure that their products are in demand. A product research tool can be useful in this situation.


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Why to use Product Research Tools?

best product research tools

Every year, the e-commerce sector grows, putting pressure on online businesses from an intense level of competition. They must therefore rely on various product research methods to identify and list products that are in high demand and have large profit margins.

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the best dropshipping companies are skilled at using tools for product research to guide their decisions, particularly when it comes to sourcing products and growing their business.

5 Best Free Dropshipping Product Research Tools for Your Store

5 best product tools

There are some awesome free dropshipping product research tools available to kick start your online business. You don’t need to buy expensive product research tools. I have listed some best product research tools for dropshipping free.

  1. Commerce Inspector

The commerce Inspector offers free chrome extension.  They will display to you the most popular and recently added items in a store:

In order for you to see their ads, they also linked with the Facebook Ad Library.

Additionally, they will display the apps that store uses.  Dropshipping Trends is a wonderful new feature that they recently added.

I don’t think it needs any more explanation; it’s fantastic for product development, right?

I advise visiting the Commerce Inspector’s website to find out more information.

  1. Asify

You can get the free Asify Chrome extension from the web store.


It will upload a good amount of items to AliExpress for you. Although it resembles the AliExpress Dropshipping Center somewhat, using this tool will allow you to access a wealth of additional information on the AliExpress product page itself.

It’s a tool created by Nicolas Rose, and as I mentioned above, using it is totally free.

You will only be able to use it on a browser that makes use of the Chrome Web Store.

  1. co

Thieve is free product research tool. They display the hottest items currently being sold on AliExpress.

You’ll get lots of ideas from it for your product research!

Simply create a free account with them, and they’ll show you some seriously excellent AliExpress stuff!

They once just offered a free version, but they now also provide a dropshipping version.

  1. Aliexpress Dropshippig Center

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is one of the best free resources for drop shipping product research that comes directly from AliExpress.

You can research products in their dropshipping center and see real statistics from customer behavior once you enrol into your account and agree to their Terms & Conditions.

We think dropshippers vastly undervalue this tool because so few are aware of it.

By pasting a product page URL into the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, you may find popular items, filter them by “ship from” and “ship to” locations, and view product analysis. Really cool!

  1. MyAdFinder

The next item is a fantastic small free tool that will help in your Facebook product research.

You can download it from the Chrome Web Store right here. Its name is My Ad Finder.

I assume you already know what this tool does, but if not, don’t worry!

This tool will only display Facebook Ads if you activate it and visit Facebook. All of the other posts will be filtered out.


There you have it! the 5 free dropshipping product research tools that you can use right now!

Remember that you can improve your product research by combining all of these free resources with free trials or accounts from paid tools.

Just remember to cancel your trial if you decide not to continue with it in order to avoid being charged. However, you can also do that if you like the product and wish to use it for a longer period of time.

Please leave a comment below or get in touch with me personally by using the “Contact Us” button at the bottom if you have any queries about dropshipping.

I wish you well as you research products.

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