CJDropshipping Review in 2022: What makes it Special and Useful?

CJdroppshipping’s no fee approach is one of the main reasons why so many decide to work with this platform. There are no startup fee, minimum order amounts, monthly subscriptions, or storage fee. They also don't charge fee for each item sold.
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Dropshipping allows to launch our own stores without having physical inventory available. The growth in dropshipping options opens more opportunities for any sized entrepreneurs to succeed.

We’ll explain the process of CJdropshipping for those who aren’t familiar with it. You pick items from various dropshipping providers to sell on your online store. Dropshippers will be informed when your customer makes an order and they deliver the products that the customer has bought.

The supplier charges you a set price for the product sold, and you mark these items up to earn a profit from every sale.

For this CJDropshipping review, we will put CJDropshipping under the microscope to discover exactly what they have to provide, and the pros and cons associated with it.

What is CJDropshipping?


CJDropshipping was founded in 2014 and is a Chinese eCommerce platform that allows dropshippers to purchase products upon having received an order through the Shopify dropshipping shops.

At present, they are processing orders for more than three hundred thousand sellers around the world. You can also visit CJdropshipping website for more information about them.

Although it’s a fantastic source of information for intermediate dropshippers because of its speedy delivery time, CJDropshipping may not necessarily be a breeze or an all-purpose solution for those who are just beginning.

Does it mean a novice shouldn’t use this site to source their products? Let’s find it in this CJdropshipping review.

CJdropshipping Pros & Cons

CJdropshipping pros and cons

The following is a concise summary of major advantages and disadvantages about CJdropshipping review.


  • It’s completely free to join. It’s instantly possible to start selling items once you’re done.
  • You can add your own branding materials and alter the product packaging.
  • They have fast and cheap shipping
  • A CJdropshipping free Google Chrome extension for price calculation is also available.
  • With quick shipment for all orders, their international warehouses can assist you in expanding your market reach.
  • You will be assigned an agent with whom you may always keep in touch on a regular basis.
  • You can choose from numerous product categories. Thanks to their amazing product catalogue.
  • Thousands of additional print-on-demand products are also available for purchase and customization.
  • The service is all-inclusive. Everything from sourcing to shipping is taken care of.
  • Things are made simpler with their mobile app. It can be used to import goods and to learn about hot new products.


  • The costs at CJdropshipping are comparable to those at AliExpress. It isn’t always the least expensive option. To achieve the cheapest prices, you might have to rely on bulk shipments sent through a fulfilment agency or work with a private agent.
  • They have limited number of products as compared to other famous platforms.
  • Their user interface occasionally contains too much data. For individuals who are unfamiliar with dropshipping, in particular, it can be daunting and bewildering.


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Is CJdropshipping Legit and Reliable

  • This platform is legitimate. It can be based on the size of their customer base, the majority of whom are pleased. In other words, CJDropshipping is not a scam at all.
  • CJDropshipping is basically another eCommerce site with a Chinese focus, with the exception that dropshippers can use it.

The Most Important Reliability Characteristics:

  • They have fast shipping at low prices.
  • They have very good integration with Shopify and other top ecommerce platforms.
  • They have warehouses in many countries.
  • Additionally, they don’t just let any seller to sell their goods on the CJDropshipping marketplace. To get permission to sell on their platform, each seller must pass a review process.

How To Find Winning Products on Cjdripshping?

On their website, there is no special tool or area where users may quickly find winning products. The best course of action if you wish to rely only on this website for product searching is to browse through the many categories on their homepage like new products, hot selling and video products.

Shopinspect and Intelligynce are good and budgeted tools to find winning products. Pricing strategy for new products can also be determined by following this article.

What Products You Can Sell/Source From Cjdropshipping?

Through CJDropshipping, you can sell a wide range of items, from standard to print-on-demand goods. However, you cannot sell any goods that are against the law in your target country. You cannot sell any items that violate copyrights.  

Branding with CJdropshipping

You must brand both your online store and your product if you want to benefit more from dropshipping.

Because CJDropshipping allows you to private/white label your products by putting your logo to the products, custom notes inside your parcels, and custom labels over your packages, it can help your store look branded.

For better private labelling, once you’ve discovered your ideal product, you can even ask the CJDropshipping staff for customize photographs. You can also use the free product photos offered by CJDropshipping and AliExpress until you find your winning item.

CJdropshipping API

Additionally, CJDropshipping handles the order fulfilment from your Shopify stores. You must use their API in order to accomplish this. Utilize the CJDropshipping API to connect the platform to Shopify store.

But it goes further than that. To effectively calculate the selling prize, you need to install the free CJDropsipping Chrome extension for price calculation.

Quality Support

Most of their customers think CJDropshipping’s customer service team is pretty good. You can just submit tickets, though. However, you must recognize that since English is not their first language, conversation with them may be challenging.



Opening a CJdropshipping account and linking it to your store are both free of charge. You will only be charged for additional services like personalized labels, packing, and logos. You can also check their fee services here. Only items delivered to CJdropshipping’s United States warehouse will incur additional warehouse fees.

The base prices for each item are listed in their product catalogue. Profit margins are your prices less the costs of the items and shipping. There are eight various methods you can pay for these extra services and your orders. The most common ways are PayPal and credit cards. All payment options are listed here.

What are free services?

Setup charge/monthly fee, sourcing request, Product listing and connection (you may import CJ’s products to your store by just entering in your price), and sourcing request are all free services. Storage for CJ items, product recommendations, and product photographs and videos Order synchronization, order creation, order tracking, quality control for CJ products, and international warehouses.

What are paid services?

 Payment is required for your Private Inventory, fulfillment service processing fees, request for more sourcing limits, videos and image shooting service, and custom packaging.

CJdropshipping Review Conclusion

In this CJdropshipping review, we have explained its all-possible pros and cons. CJdropshipping offers good price, fast shipping and integrated order fulfilment. However, because of their limited inventory, you could not always discover the same items there as you might on Alibaba or Aliexpress.

The product descriptions, photos, and reviews for many CJDropshipping products are lacking. The reason is because all of the products on their marketplace are directly managed by their personnel and not by many independent product sellers. You can, however, ask their staff to send you personalized pictures, videos, and perhaps even product descriptions.

The CJdropshipping service is accessible worldwide. However, there are also concerns about how well it performs for customers in the United States.

Before deciding which platform best suits your needs, you must analyze the available options. This CJdropshipping review was aimed to give you enough helpful details about the company to enable you to decide if it is the best option for your needs. Since the service provides everything you could possibly need for a dropshipping business, so we highly recommend it.

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