Dropshipping VS Amazon FBA: Which is Better in 2023

In this article, we will make a comparison of two business models that give you a helping hand with fulfillment i.e dropshipping vs Amazon FBA.
amazon fba vs dropshipping

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Dropshipping and Amazon FBA both transformed the business model, and today both techniques are the most famous and often explored as choices for new start-ups. However, how can you tell which strategy is best for you and your e-commerce business? In order to make an informed choice and make sure your business is successful and profitable, you need to have the answers to a number of important questions.

If you’re considering launching an online store but are unsure about the best course of action. You can get all the information you need to decide between Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping if you’re looking to grow your present business in this article.

Apart from Dropshipping VS Amazon FBA business model, you can also explore Dropshipping VS Affiliate Marketing business model to have more options before your start your online business.

You can easily learn FBA VS Dropshipping in this article and decide yourself what to choose in the best interest of your business.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business strategy where you, the seller, place an order with your wholesaler directly (or the vendor). The products will be delivered to your customer by your suppliers on your behalf.

Thus, it essentially functions as a storage and fulfilment service that enables you to launch your business swiftly and simply. Most importantly, employing the dropshipping model doesn’t require significant capital to scale.

All you need to do is list and promote your products on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or any other appropriate e-commerce platform. Specific products that are kept on hand by suppliers in several places can be sold.

You get in touch with your dropship provider when a customer places an order, and they will send the item to the customer. The customer will believe that you sent the order. Once the consumer has paid you, you will need to purchase the item. That’s how easy it is, truly!

Dropshipping is frequently regarded as a quick and simple means of generating income. You should be aware that this business plan requires some actual work, just like any other business model. To make it into a prosperous e-commerce business without problems, you must design a plan and collaborate with the correct suppliers.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA for short, is a service offered by Amazon that manages all order fulfilment, returns, storage, and customer service for Amazon sellers. Simply ship your product to Amazon, wait for it to sell, and let Amazon take care of packaging it and shipping it to the customer.

With this, Amazon has gained popularity as a means of making money online, and you may become one of those people. Amazon FBA now offers a wide range of advantages.


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Another Business Model: Affiliate Marketing VS Dropshipping

Both dropshipping VS affiliate marketing have a number of advantages for both new and established businesses. The first step in learning how to make money dropshipping is to look for new suppliers and find high demand products. Finding dropshipping suppliers requires a lot of time and work, though, and this may slow down how quickly your business expands.

This is not a concern for affiliate marketers because they earn a commission on each sale with little effort. They do, however, lose a little on each sale as a result of this.

One benefit that affiliate marketing has over dropshipping is that that the products themselves don’t have a big impact on your business.   Many dropshippers who opt to market cheaper goods have suffered reputational damage and financial failure. One of the most common beginner mistakes in dropshipping was committed by them. Even more so, they prompted inquiries such as “Is dropshipping worth it?” and “Is dropshipping legal?

Your reputation as an affiliate marketer is unrelated to the goods you’re selling. This implies that you can continue even if there are problems with a particular product or supplier.

Additionally, dropshipping has a lot of benefits that affiliate marketers are blind to. First of all, you’ll observe that dropshipping businesses can scale far more fast after you discover how to launch one.

The effort expended and the reward received are directly correlated because they actively sell their own items. The ability of the sellers they partner with to convert traffic into customers is crucial for affiliate marketers. Second, dropshippers can use an online store to interact with suppliers and increase sales. This implies businesses can tap into current markets to boost sales.

What Business Model is Right for You: Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping?

right business model

There is not definite answer to choose between Dropshipping VS Amazon FBA. You can first choose dropshipping and then decide to move to Amazon FBA or   you could decide to combine the two for your ecommerce business.

Why to Choose Dropshipping?

You may decide to go for dropshipping if:

  1. You have the time and ambition to start a business, but not a lot of money. You can avoid paying up front for inventory when you dropship. Starting on a tight budget is simple because of the little initial investment.
  2. Your tolerance for financial risk is low. You won’t have to be concerned about underperforming products when you start a dropship business. Because you only purchase the items that your clients want, you will never be stuck with additional inventory.
  3. You don’t know exactly where you want to take your online business. Perhaps you should try out a few different products to discover which ones work best for you. Dropshipping allows you to experiment with new products without worrying about whether they will be successful.

The drawbacks of dropshipping

For everyone, dropshipping is not the best option. Without sourcing your own product line, you most likely won’t be able to build a strong brand identity. Because you keep more of each sale using a typical business strategy, you will ultimately have higher profit margins.

Fulfillment is another problem of dropshipping. You have no influence over how orders are fulfilled. To deliver to your customer, you are at the mercy of your dropshipping provider. As you work to expand your client, faults in fulfilment and slow delivery could damage your reputation.

Why to Choose Amazon FBA?

Amazon makes it simple to sell products online, which makes it simple for you to launch an online store. Although the Amazon administration can be frustrating, many Amazon sellers have developed successful businesses through the Amazon Marketplace.

Additionally, Amazon has one of the best warehousing networks in the world. Their consumers will receive your orders soon. Managing Amazon fulfilment is a big challenge. Additionally, Amazon FBA can manage customer care and returns for your clients.

You may decide to go for Amazon FBA if:

  1. When they first start out, many eCommerce enterprises either rent a small warehouse or ship goods out of their garage. If your home-grown fulfilment is no longer feasible, you could hire an additional person and lease a larger facility. Or you may hire the professionals at Amazon FBA to handle your fulfilment.
  2. You lack the time and desire to handle logistics. An essential component of your eCommerce business is fulfilment. It might take a lot of time. That keeps you from doing the labour required to advertise your goods. The use of outsourcing can boost sales.
  3. You need to have access to Prime shipping. You become a Prime seller through Amazon FBA. That is an investment that will boost your sales.

The drawbacks of Amazon FBA

  1. Costly fulfilment, especially around the holidays.
  2. Warehouse space restrictions, especially around the holidays.
  3. During fulfilment, Amazon has been known to switch out products from one vendor for those from another. If the quality of the other product was lower than promised, it may be bad for your seller reputation.


You’re all set! That’s everything you need to know about dropshipping and Amazon FBA. Running a dropshipping business and selling on Amazon FBA are both effective approaches to become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

Amazon FBA would be ideal if you are a risk-taker who is willing to develop your business. Dropshipping, on the other hand, is your best option if you are don’t want to take any risk. If your financial condition allows, it may be viable in some situations to try both types. It is up to you to consider both sides and come to a wise decision.

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