Ecomhunt Review: Find The Winning Products

Are you spending hours and hours researching new products from scratch? Use Ecomhunt tool to search for and identify the best-selling products for you in seconds. This Ecomhunt review will help you to find the best-selling products for you online store.
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Ecomhunt is a modern product research tool that is a curated database of the top dropshipping products.  It is also an extremely effective market research and analysis  competition software. This Ecomhunt review is essential for your next online store success.

Offering thousands of the top-selling items selected by experts in dropshipping, as well as comprehensive performance data including profits margins, sales history and suggested Facebook Ad copy, Ecomhunt removes the tedious task of manually searching for the dropshipping products. Further, finding the best dropshipping niches may help you to fine tune your search towards finding the best products for your business.


The free version offers only a limited access to the databank of products , while premium membership gives access to the features and information for only $20 per month. This ecomhunt review will help you to find the best profitable products for you online store instantly. You can also use this free chrome extension to calculate profit margin before listing the price of the product. If you would like to download aesome images of the best products from online stores, then you can get free images and videos downloading tool from here.

Ecomhunt Review: Tool Overview

Ecomhunt is a winning product solution that assists eCommerce business owners who want to sell popular products online in the selection of winning products.

In effect, each product is hand-selected by e-commerce specialists to ensure that it is fresh, has significant social media interaction, and is hot on other leading eCommerce sites.

However, rather than being focused on product quantity, these product updates are based on the product quality that is currently on the market.

Because top-selling products are readily available, I think concentrating on product quality will assist decrease substandard products and invariably enhance product conversion rate.

How Does Ecomhunt Work?

Simply, EcomHunt saves you from the hassle associated with online product research. You might instead concentrate on other issues that are important to your e-commerce business.

Every day, EcomHunt publishes a number of items for its users, all of which are, of course, carefully chosen by professionals. The following information is among the updated products:

  • Profit
  • Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Links
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Video
  • Facebook targeting etc.

Users can virtually sell the winning products on any e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, etc., while still having access to the winning products.

Users of EcomHunt have daily access to new selling and profitable products.

Another good feature of Ecomhunt is that, once you have access to links to retailers selling these top-performing items, you can use those links to find further trending items or those retailers’ best-selling items that you may add to your online store.

You are merely receiving more than the intended value with this.

The best thing about EcomHunt is that their service is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With this, you may feel secure knowing that you can easily get your refund if your expectations are not met within 30 days.`

Ecomhunt Pros and Cons

pros and cons

There are several advantages and benefits of using Ecomhunt. It does, however, also have a few drawbacks that must be taken into account. For instance, Ecomhunt, one of the most well-liked research tools for dropshipping, has thousands of users worldwide.

As a result, you can be up against many other sellers, especially when it comes to the most recent bestsellers that are always being launched.

Additionally, all of the Ecomhunt products are often purchased from Chinese suppliers through AliExpress or Alibaba, and shipping takes a long time (6–8 weeks).

Ecomhunt is perhaps most suited for people who want to dropship items from China through an online store, it can be said. Here is a more thorough analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of utilising Ecomhunt to locate products that will succeed.


  • The most well-known dropshipping product research platform
  • Many handpicked items with precise data
  • Simple to use website with contemporary and modern user interface
  • Find products that are profitable that fit into any niche
  • Links to successful advertising campaigns and competitor
  • Access for free with limited options and performance analytics
  • Simple pricing for the premium membership for only $20 per month.


  • Most of the products are sourced from Chinese-based suppliers
  • Insufficient products being that are shipped from warehouses in the United States, UK or EU.
  • Filters that are limited to narrow the list of items
  • Oft, the selling prices are exaggerated and profit margins

Ecomhunt VS Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is another famous product research tool.

Similar to EcomHunt, Niche Scraper features a free version where you can register for a free account.

While Niche Scraper just has a few product research tools, EcomHunt has a wide range of resources for finding profitable products.

Additionally, it appears that EcomHunt has more successful items.

Spy tools are the only area where Niche Scraper surpasses EcomHunt. Both a TikTok and Facebook advertisements spy tool are available through Niche Scraper.

Ecomhunt Alternatives

Ecomhunt has a lot to offer, but it also has drawbacks and some areas where its competitors succeed. I wanted to present some of the top alternatives because of this.

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

ecomhunt chrome extension

Ecomhunt provides a Chrome Extension that can be used to find your competitors and learn more about their Shopify stores.

The features of the ecomhunt Chrome extension are:

Display paid posts: Your Facebook home feed can be filtered to just display the ads that are currently active.

Display only paid viral posts. You may view all of the Facebook ads that are currently becoming viral by using the “Viral Ads” filter.

Store inspector on Shopify. Advanced Shopify inspector tool that enables you to view several aspects of a Shopify store, including the apps that are used, the newest products, and best-selling items.

Ecomhunt Review- Key Features

There are many Ecomhunt features for finding winning product. Some of them are give below:

  • Trending Products

You may be assured that you are receiving access to hot products with EcomHunt. They are, in the words of its source (EcomHunt), “a curation of the best new products, every day.”

The hardest part—and EcomHunt has done it—is locating the products that consumers desire to purchase.


As a pro member, you will get access to the top products as well as information on how to quickly sell them using Facebook marketing.

You can create a Facebook ad campaign that targets the actual audience that is interested in purchasing the products using the data provided with the products.

What is simpler than this? EcomHunt is one of the best because of this.

  • Product Profits & Analysis

With the help of this tool, you can find out the true price of the item you’ll buy from AliExpress as well as its potential profit.

Before adding the item to your online store, you will be able to calculate how much you are willing to spend on advertisements and estimate the prospective returns thanks to tools like these.

You will also be aware of how well the product is performing on social media. In the sense that you will have access to the complete amount of shares, comments, and likes the product has received.

You can determine how viral a product has been or how far it will spread by knowing the entire amount of engagement it has already received.

  • Links to Suppliers and Active Sellers

Drop shipping is made so simple by this capability that you can grow it to any level.

As I previously stated, adopting the free membership plan will limit your access to EcomHunt’s good features, which are only available to pro users.

This one is only available to pro users; using it, you will provide connections to the product’s real AliExpress provider.

From there, you can quickly import the product using the WooCommerce or the Alidropship Plugin for WordPress, or you can just use Oberlo if you’re already utilising the Shopify platform.

  • AdHunter Tool

You may track the Facebook advertising of your competitors using the AdHunter tool, which is a pretty interesting tool.

This particular Chrome extension is the first of its type. The app will enable you to locate any sponsored advertisement on Facebook and will also allow you to view the advertisement’s effectiveness.

You may view the Facebook ad engagements, including the volume of traffic, the country that was targeted, the duration of the advertising, and some other helpful information.

Best feature? Both free users and Pro members are completely free to download the tool. This indicates that in order to access the tool, you must be a member.


I hope you liked reading my comprehensive Ecomhunt review!. Ecomhunt, in my opinion, is a fantastic all-in-one tool that may provide you with plenty of ideas for what to offer.

You can gain some insight into which demographics to target with which kind of product by using this tool.

If you have any inquiries concerning this tool for researching products or dropshipping in general, please leave a comment below or get in touch with me by using the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Please also let me know what product or service I should review next.



Ecomhunt offers a variety of price options. They have a $29 monthly subscription plan as well as a free plan with fewer features. However, new members can receive access for a monthly charge of $20 thanks to the ongoing 30% discount.

Yes! Every new user of Ecomhunt is entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will be qualified to receive your full refund if you decide to cancel your membership on the platform within 30 days after joining. Applying TOS.

  • Ecomhunt only accepts PayPal as a form of payment at the moment, so prospective customers must use PayPal to make payments.

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