Made in PRC: What Does it Mean?

Made in PRC is a country-of-origin label used by manufacturers in China. In contrast to the conventional "made in China" tag, it has gained popularity recently. It does, however, spark a lot of questions among buyers and sellers worldwide.
Made in PRC What Does it Mean

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The Made in PRC label can often be found on garments, toys, electronics, and other products.

The Made in PRC labels are now featured on the majority of products from various China-based vendors.

They are using the initials of the People’s Republic of China, which is their country’s full name.

It raises the question, then: What happened to the famous Made in China label? nothing unique! Rebranding includes this label’s quick transition.

This article will go over every aspect of PRC labelling, including its history, necessity, strategies, etc.

What Does Made in PRC Mean?

Made in PRC means “made in Peoples Republic of China”. PRC is nothing but the official name of China, which denotes the People’s Republic of China. So , the terms “made in China” and “made in PRC” are same thing.

These days, a lot of Chinese suppliers favor using this label in place of the country of origin label.

They can now effectively market their items thanks to the rebranding. Additionally, it helps Chinese businesses in endorsing their high-quality products.

Why Manufacturers Switched from Made in China to Made in PRC?

why manufacturers switched from made in china to made in PRC

So why all the noise about “Made in China” and “Made in PRC” labels if both are the same?

It is a branding strategy, which is a really easy response. Let’s briefly examine China’s manufacturing sector to put this in context

I have already mentioned that there is no difference between made in China and made in PRC. The fact is that China has been steadily improving its position as a major global manufacturing centre over the past ten years or more. It is so prevalent that the term “world’s factory” is frequently used in joke for this country.

China is the destination for the manufacturing of brands across all industries and countries. The country itself is home to thousands of local companies who produce their products in-country and market them internationally.

Now comes the challenging part. China’s factories produce products of various quality. While some are high-end, long-lasting products, others are of lower quality and may not last as long.

Due to their affordability and similar appearance to higher-end, more authentic products, consumers typically choose lower-quality products. In certain circumstances, fraudulent retailers and middlemen deceive customers into thinking that low-quality knockoffs are the genuine article.

Most consumers all over the world have only dealt with low-quality products as a result of these problems. Therefore, “Made in China” has come to imply cheap, substandard products that consumers do not trust.

Additionally, some customers purposefully refrain of products with the “made in China” label as a form of protest. The majority of them believe that businesses losing jobs by outsourcing manufacturing to China is unpatriotic.


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Is Made in PRC Label Legal?

is it legal

It is, indeed.

The use of “Made in PRC” on country of origin labels does not constitute misleading advertising. The official and more proper way to refer to China is PRC.

Furthermore, rebranding is a tactic that is frequently employed in the business sector and is seen as good corporate practice. The fact that this is a country’s name rather than a company’s name may be the only difference in this case.

How Can You Pick the Best Made in PRC Products?

how to choose best products

Well, there are a lot of ways to spot made in PRC products that are of a top notch. But we’ll concentrate on two key elements that can facilitate your speedy discovery of the ideal But we’ll concentrate on two key elements that can facilitate your speedy discovery of the ideal products. The price of Chinese products is usually low, and they have good pricing strategy for their products for maximum sales and profit.

  • Make a Market Research

Before making a purchase, you can do some research about the products. Verify their genuineness. Some companies will provide additional details so you can learn more about their products.

Additionally, you can purchase the same items from two other stores and compare them. Keep in mind that the PRC is home to numerous businesses that specialize in the same kind of products. Therefore, PRC has an abundance of suppliers.

Additionally, you can purchase right from the business’ store. Fake products are supplied by some third parties. You’ll have a better chance of getting the appropriate product if you purchase from the company.

  • Contact the Manufacturers

To learn how companies produce their items, you can speak with them. Verify if they satisfy your standards.

Additionally, you can go to their plants and observe the manufacturing process. Many manufacturers provide on-site visits.

  • Employ a Sourcing Agent

Another choice is to use an agent. You can hire a trustworthy dropshipping agent to go to factories on your behalf.

  • Examine Online Platforms

On a few of China’s e-commerce websites, you can also find manufacturers. They include, among others, Alibaba, Global Sources, DHgate, and made-in-china.


Some Made in China labels have not yet been removed. That’s because some customers value labels that say “made in China,” while others prefer tags that say “made in PRC.”

Therefore, if a product has a Made-in-PRC label, it is from China. Products from the PRC are top-notch. Some products don’t adhere to the necessary requirements. However, a lot of them are of great quality.

You can find PRC-labeled products by using regional dropshipping agents. If you can’t travel there on your own, this is the best choice.

Many manufacturers like collaborating with clients from different countries. They have acquired the expertise through time to provide excellent services. So long as you find the correct source, you can proceed.

The well-established supply chain makes shipping PRC-labelled products simple. Make sure to select an appropriate shipping method. Time, package size, location, and safety are key aspects.


Yes. The People’s Republic of China is referred to as PRC. Therefore, products marked “Made in PRC” are also produced in China.

The People’s Republic of China is referred to as made in PRC. So , the labels “Made in China” and “Made in PRC” are identical. There is no distinction; only, some customers and countries dislike the Made in China label.

Products with the PRC label are created, developed, assembled, or produced there. Therefore, whenever a product is marked “made-in-PRC,” it was probably manufactured in China.

The PRC items are usually high-quality and inexpensive. They go through many tests, including quality controls.

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