Modalyst Review: Best For Dropshipping in 2022?

Modalyst is a major dropshipping platform with huge user base. In this Modalyst review, we will find it's suitability for you.
Modalyst review

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The first impressive feature of Modalyst is that it provides a curated inventory of hand picked goods from suppliers with an emphasis on quality. Both new retailers and seasoned sellers can use Modalyst with similar simplicity, just like its closest rival Spocket.

Modalyst can connect you with independent brands and designers, eco-friendly suppliers, private label producers, and even AliExpress sellers as a dropshipping platform.

We will go into detail about the specifications, costs, advantages, and disadvantages of this dropshipping platform in this Modalyst review. In the end, you should be able to decide whether Modalyst is the best option for your dropshipping requirements.

Modalyst Review: What is it?

Modalyst is a platform that can assist you with traditional dropshipping. It enables you to establish direct contact with reputable product suppliers who can deliver high-quality products to you. With Modalyst, all of your efforts should be focused on driving customers to your online store so they may purchase your products. You need to learn about the market and how to offer your products to customers online in order to do this. Modalyst manages the supplier portion of this chain. This can make it more profitable for you.


Modalyst was founded in 2012 in California. Dropshippers can source products from US, Europe, and China using Modalyst.


To automate processes that you would inevitably have to perform again over time, you set up Modalyst on your eCommerce platform.


To make all facets of product sourcing simpler, Modalyst links you to their wide list of dropshipping suppliers.

Modalyst Review: Features

modalyst features
  • No up-front inventory costs
  • Suppliers Get High Standards
  • 40+ Various Product Categories to Choose From
  • Unlimited Adding Items without Financial Commitment
  • Fast delivery
  • Flat-Rate Shipping Policy
  • Fixed Sale Rate (60% off MSRP)
  •  Can Sell Through Multiple Channels
  • Universal Return Policy for All Suppliers
  • Real Time Stock Level Notifications
  • Free Monthly Plan
  • Millions of Products

You may create your store’s product inventory from scratch thanks to the huge number of options available. Mix and match the products your customers will be most interested in from among the 40+ distinct categories to create a completely unique product offering.

You can add and swap products whenever you want to keep your product offering current because adding products only requires a few clicks. There are no financial restrictions on how many products you can add because you are not required to buy any of them in advance.

  • Handpicked Products

Modalyst products are handpicked. The majority of the suppliers Modalyst works with are based in the US and the EU, and they are carefully screened to make sure they are willing to satisfy their high requirements.

To ensure that all terms are clear before suppliers start using the platform, Modalyst pre-negotiates their strict return, shipping, and pricing requirements with each supplier. As a result, as a merchant, you don’t need to negotiate individual contracts with each supplier you engage with and you always know what to anticipate from their workflows. To explore the suppliers that Modalyst works with, sign up to Modalyst’s free plan.

  • Shippping To Consumers or Your Store

Fast shipment is covered under the agreement that Modalyst negotiates with all of its suppliers. Working with suppliers headquartered in the US and the EU has several benefits, one of which is that products can reach the final consumer much more quickly.

In addition to sending products directly to customers, Modalyst’s suppliers can also ship products to your own store so that customers can pick them up there. You can establish automated parameters for this option in your dashboard, and it is simple to manage.

All Modalyst suppliers stick to their flat-rate shipping policy so there are no unexpected shipping expenditures, protecting your profit margins from shipping costs. Only a few suppliers even provide free shipping for orders that are placed with either domestic or foreign customers.

  • Pre-Negotiated Sales Rate

You won’t ever need to negotiate a deal with any of the suppliers on Modalyst’s Independent Brands Marketplace because they all do so before they begin to sell their products on the platform. Each seller on this marketplace consents to offer their products at 60% of MSRP, giving you, the retailer, the freedom to mark up products in accordance with the profit margins you desire.

  • Selling on Marketplaces and Social Platforms

With Modalyst, you can sell on social media sites like Facebook marketplace and Instagram in addition to your own online store. You can also sell through online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. As a result, you have the freedom to run your business anyway you see fit. You also have the option to operate as a multichannel shop, which broadens your customer base and boosts your ability to turn a profit.

Modalyst Pricing

Modalyst Pricing

You can sign up for Modalyst for free, as we’ve already seen.

However, when your business grows, you might realize that you need to upgrade and become a premium user. We will examine the Modalyst price options in this section.

Two premium options from Modalyst start at $35 per month. Furthermore, if you choose the annual plan, you receive a 25% discount.

  • Modalyst Startup Plan
  • The monthly cost of the Start-Up package is $35.
  • If you select the yearly plan, your monthly payment will be $30.
  • All functionalities of Modalyst are available to you.
  • A maximum of 250 products may be imported.
  • Only non-premium Modalyst vendors are available.
  • Modalyst Pro Plan
  • The monthly cost of the Start-Up package is $35.
  • If you select the yearly plan, your monthly payment will be $30.
  • All functionalities of Modalyst are available to you.
  • A maximum of 250 products may be imported.
  • Only non-premium Modalyst vendors are available.
  • Modalyst Pro Plan
    • The monthly cost of the Modalyst Pro-Up plan is $90.
    • If you decide on the annual plan, your monthly payment will be $67.
    • All functionalities of Modalyst are available to you.
    • Unlimited products may be imported into your store.
    • Premium Modalyst providers are accessible. 


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Modalyst Review: Pros and Cons

In this Modalyst review, we have looked at the main features and pricing of the Modalyst platform.  It is obvious that it has both pros and cons.

We’ll outline the main advantages and disadvantages of Modalyst in this part so you can decide if it’s the best platform for you.

  • Modalyst Review Pros
    • You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription or an upfront fee to start using Modalyst.
    • Even if you are a subscriber of the free plan, you can still add your unique logo.
    • You can import producgs from both independent suppliers and featured on AliExpress.
  • Modalyst Review Cons
  • A very small number of eCommerce platforms are supported by Modalyst.
  • Although Modalyst is an excellent dropshipping platform, it concentrates on a limited range of product categories.
  • The product selection is not very broad.
  • Particularly unimpressive is the 5% transaction fee that applies to all orders, even those made under premium plans.

Modalyst Compititors

Following are the major competitors of Modalyst:

Modalyst Review Conclusion

When it comes to integrating your dropshipping product searching procedure and order management system, Modalyst is a highly recommended service if finding high-quality dropshipping suppliers is a top priority for your e-commerce business. They facilitate B2B industry relationships and make it simple to collaborate with dropshipping providers of premium and in-demand products, but their features and services offer much more than that.

The time and effort they put into selecting their network of US and EU-based suppliers, along with the previously agreed-upon shipping, pricing, and return policies, results in an effective platform that benefits both the merchants who use it and their clients.

How did you find this Modalyst review? Comments below and let us know your option and how was it helpful for you.

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