Pexgle: All in One Winning Product Hunting Tool

Pexgle is one of the most exciting tools available for people starting their own eCommerce store. It’s all in one tool to find winning products for your eCommerce store.

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Pexgle is a fantastic hunting and one of the best available ads tools. It has fantastic features and distinguishing characteristics that help increase sales and increase money.

You can learn more about Pexgle Review, its features, pricing and pros and cons by reading this article.

What is Pexgle?

The Pexda team presented Pexgle, new tool, to the e-commerce industry. I have used Pexda, a fantastic spy tool, throughout my dropshipping career. The consumer benefits from daily access to brand-new trending product data. Pexgle was made available as a Pexda in advance. A product research tool Pexda provides unique characteristics that no other tool on the market has.

Here, I’d like to point out that Pexgle is both a advanced product research  and a spy tool.

How Pexgle Works?

Pexgle is a very clean and easy platform that aids the user in obtaining data. starting of Pexgle registration? You must include your competitors or the top Shopify stores in your niche or sector in pexgle.


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Pexgle has many great features to help you find winning products. Here I have listed few of them.

  • Shopify Analytics

One of Pexgle’s most frequently used features is Shopify analytics since it enables you to keep an eye on the products sold by your competitors. As there is no cap on the number of items, it displays every single item or object they sell.

For any online business store, the examination phase is typically the most challenging, but Pexgle has made it incredibly simple for you. A few channels are provided to simplify the route interaction, saving you a huge amount of time.

  • Winning Ads by AI

The most recent component of Pexgle is rewards advertisements generated by artificial intelligence. As the name implies, this component updates the successful items on the dashboard each day along with complete information about them, including offers, responses, and comments from users who have used those items.

You can choose to view the static ads or all of the promotions that Pexgle’s artificial intelligence has reviewed.

You can access the AliExpress item page and the Facebook advertisement copy of the item from the actual dashboard. This incredibly outstanding element displays the stores that are naturally marketing that product.

  • Facebook Tracker

Given that any successful business will use Facebook marketing to create rush hour traffic, Facebook Tracker is yet another essential element of Pexgle. This component comes with resources that can assist you in looking over the presentation data of the product’s Facebook promotions.

It enables you to view all of the content on Facebook pages and various postings containing explicit material.

This information will assist you in determining what strategies for advertising and marketing are more effective than others.

With this magnificent component, you won’t ever have to worry about coming up with a compelling Facebook post.

  • Best Facebook Ads

Take inspiration and ideas from Faceboo ads posts to drive more customers and sales to your store. It provides you with educational results in a flash and simplifies the engagement.

It displays the top Facebook promos for you, and you can read user comments.

After that, you’d be able to decide what kind of advertisements you should post because engaging postings attract lots of feedback and surveys that might help your shop.

  • Top Stores

Access to Shopify’s top-performing stores is available through the Top Stores feature.

It displays the top 500 Shopify stores, suggesting more information on a few things you can recall for your store.

If you discover a valuable store, you may add it to the list of Followed Stores and regularly evaluate it from the dashboard.

Again, by eliminating manual tasks, this component greatly reduces the amount of time you must spend.

Pros and Cons

Pexgle Pros

  • Pexgle comes with a unique algorithm than any other tool does.
  • The Set and Relax Method
  • Do not waste time on conducting research on products
  • You can save a lot of money by not trying out products
  • A simple tool that every newbie can benefit from.
  • It is possible to keep track of competitors’ with winning products, Facebook pages and advertisements

Pexgle Cons

  • Pricing may be high for beginners


It’s time to talk about Pexgle pricing now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about it. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to understand how much anything will cost.

Be aware that while it does not claim to be the most affordable tool available, it does boast of offering the consumer value for their money.

For you to save money, they offer monthly and yearly subscription plans.

The monthly and annual price ranges are as follows:

Monthly Pricing

pexgle pricing

Annual Pricing

pexgle pricing annually

Final Thoughts

It is clear from the above-detailed assessment that Pexgle is among the market’s most attractive and effective product hunting and ads toolkit.

It aids in keeping an eye on and evaluating the top Shopify stores so that you can develop your marketing strategies based on what and how are selling well.

Its price may not be on the lower side specially for beginners, but it’s benefits are surely on the higher side.


This product includes advanced capabilities that no other tool has and was created specifically for scaling enterprises to the next level.

No hidden fees. just annual and monthly subscription fees.

Yes! Customization of their Enterprise plan is 100% possible.

You can save money if you pay annually and use the coupon code DOLLARSPEXGLE for additional Pexgle savings.

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