Know Why PowerAdSpy is One of The Best Social AdSpy Tools?

You may track the social media ads of your competitors using PowerAdspy, a powerful cloud-based social media advertising tool.

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If your social media advertisements are in line with the best SMM (social media marketing) techniques, you can achieve the maximum conversion rate.

Regardless of whether you work as an ad strategist, an agency, a media buyer, or a copywriter, Facebook is undoubtedly your biggest advertising platform.

By giving you all the tools you need to build your own social media ads from scratch, PowerAdspy, a powerful cloud-based social media advertising software, enables you to spy on your competitors’ social media ads. There are some other quality AdSpy tools available in the market like Minea, AdSpy and BigSpy. But we will focus on PowerAdSpy in this article.

What is PowerAdSpy?

The AI-Powered Ad Intelligence Platform “PowerAdSpy” enables you to identify the top-performing advertisements from the advertising campaigns of your competitors.

The huge database of PowerAdSpy contains more than 100 million advertising (video ads and image ads) from 100 different countries.

You can look for ads on a variety of their platforms, such as Native ads, Google ads, Search ads, Facebook advertising network, and others.

Furthermore, they have a special Chrome extension that pays you for finding advertising.

As we move forward with this PowerAdSpy review, let’s examine their features.

PowerAdSpy Features

  • Ads Filter

You get access to unlimited Facebook ad research, allowing you to choose how to categorise your search results based on where the result ads appear in the Newsfeed.

You may easily obtain the best-performing and best-converting ads in your niche in this method for analysis.

  • Huge Database

PowerAdspy updates its database regularly with thousands of new advertising to its database of over millions of ads from 15 countries.

It follows that regardless of your niche, you’ll never miss out on any of the latest or oldest ads.

  • Bookmarking Your Favorite Ads

You’ll frequently start seeing ads that you’ll think are good enough to copy, modify, and use in your own campaigns in the future.

You can save the advertisement of your choice into a specific advertisement inventory that is reserved for each user using this bookmarking feature.

  • Access to Images and Video Ads

Campaigns with visuals have been found to be the most successful. Images convert better than simple text. However, videos are far more interesting.

And now for the catch. If that’s what you’re looking for, you may use PowerAdspy to search for video-only and image-only ads.

Additionally, all video advertisements and image advertisements can be downloaded at your discretion in the same manner that you can bookmark written campaigns for later use. Isn’t that wonderful?


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PowerAdSpy Pros and Cons

pros and cons


  • Multiple Ads Platforms

Although Reddit and Quora are more specialized networks, PowerAdSpy includes spy solutions for the most well-known advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

  • Chrome Extension

You can find more Facebook advertising with the PowerAdSpy Chrome extension, but it also pays you to do so.

  • Smart Filters

Given that the majority of advertisements are images rather than videos, the feature to search for language and objects within images is useful.


  • The user of the tool must possess both technical and analytical skills. Yes, there is a learning curve for PowerAdspy.
  • Some of the most practical characteristics are absent from the first three basic plans.

PowerAdSpy Supported Platforms

Unlike other spy tools on the market, It works with following traffic sources and social networks, all accessible from a single platform, unlike other spy solutions on the market:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Native Ads

PowerAdSpy Alternative

There some good PowerAdSpy alternatives available in the market. You can try them for sure. They are listed below:

PowerAdSpy Chrome Extension

poweradpsy chrome extension

Paid customers can even download a free Chrome extension to watch competitor advertisements while they browse social media. This greatly improves the tool’s usability and enables it to function for you automatically as you browse.



There’s a free trial available, so you can get started for FREE. You can get 100 search, 1000 Ads for 10 days. However, they have paid plans for more features.

  • Basic Plan 24.5 $/Month
  • Standard Plan 49.5 $/Month
  • Premium Plan 74.50 $/Month
  • Platinum Plan 124.50 $/Month
  • Titanium Plan 149.50 $/Month
  • Palladium Plan 174.50 $/Month

Their pricing plans are available here.


An innovative social ad spy tool with a powerful search algorithm, PowerAdSpy should be in the toolkit of any professional marketer.

It gives you a ridiculous advantage over the competition, regardless of whether you work as a marketer, affiliate, media buyer, eCommerce advertiser, or ad agency.

One characteristic that distinguishes it from the competition and renders it unbeatable for social advertisements marketers who work across various ad platforms is the inclusion of 6 social ad networks.

Another advantage that will appeal to time-conscious advertisers is having everything in one place without having to log in to a different platform.

Additionally, you can reduce costs by scaling up with flexible plans based on the networks you use the most.


Yes. It’s legit and secure to use PowerAdSpy.

Yes. Ten days of access are included with the PowerAdSpy free trial (limited to 100 searches or 1,000 ads).

Their price ranges from 24.50 $ to 174.50$ depending upon the plans you choose.

You can use the promo code SAVE20 to get a 20% PowerAdSpy discount!

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