Sellvia VS AliDropship: Choose Your Best Dropshipping Partner

Sellvia VS Alidropship: Dropshippers often think about which one to choose. Both paltforms have their pros and cons.
Sellvia VS AliDropship

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Are you trying to decide between Sellvia and Alidropship as a platform? Even while each platform has its own advantages, there are a few significant differences that you should consider before choosing which one to use for your business.

These two platforms are comparable in many ways and both provide a similar service. Before deciding which one is best for you, you should be aware of some of the differences between them.

For anyone wishing to begin dropshipping, both are fantastic options. You don’t need to worry about technical specifics because these two platforms give you everything you need to start an online store. We will compare both platforms in this article i.e Sellvia VS Alidropship.

Dropshipping enables entrepreneurs and business owners to sell stuff without having to maintain an inventory or pay for long-term storage. Instead of stressing about logistics, dropshippers use one of these platforms as their main supplier so they can concentrate on marketing their brands.

Sellvia and Alidropship are owned by the same organization, so they are not direct competitors. Each has a different function:

What is Sellvia?


Sellvia is a new dropshipping platform that offers an all-inclusive solution for dropshippers of all experience levels.

A single platform All the eCommerce, custom service, and marketing tools you need to launch, manage, and expand your online dropshipping business are included in the Sellvia ecosystem.

You may build your own online store with Sellvia, and the platform also provides support for managing the day-to-day operations of your dropshipping business.

With Sellvia, all you are allowed to do is manage the sales ends while the Sellvia staff takes care of the other ones.

Sellvia is primarily useful for dropshippers trying to access the US market only.

The reasons are obvious;

In addition to being a US supplier-based business, Sellvia maintains its own order fulfilment facility in California. Deliveries for all items purchased on the US market typically take 1-3 business days.


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What is AliDropship?


AliDropship is a huge eCommerce dropshipping platform specializes in dropshipping with WordPress and WooCommerce.

This means that, if you’re considering launching a dropshipping business on either WordPress or WooCommerce, those platforms provide everything you need to be successful.

AliDropship’s well-known Dropshipping Plugin for creating a dropshipping business (Store) using WordPress is its most NOTICEABLE product and service.

One type of the plugin is for WordPress, and the other is for WooCommerce (AliDropship Woo).

Without needing to install the WooCommerce plugin, the AliDropship WordPress plugin essentially converts your WordPress website into an eCommerce store.

This is especially beneficial for individuals without much expertise managing a WordPress website.

The Woo version accomplishes the same goal. However, it is now compatible with the pre-installed WooCommerce plugin.

Sellvia VS AliDropship

  • International Dropshipping Service

While Alidropship is a global marketplace and works with over 300 suppliers globally, Sellvia solely offers services in the USA.

Sellvia is a better choice if you’re exclusively targeting the US market because it offers local warehouses and shipping options there. However, if you want to grow your business abroad and are seeking for a global market, then go for AliDropship.

Both Sellvia and Alidropship offer benefits and drawbacks. Customers receive their products on time with Sellvia, but Alidropship gives you access to a global market that can help you grow your business internationally.

  • Pricing and Subscription

Here, we’ve broken down and compared each platform discussed in this article’s pricing and subscription options.

In terms of pricing, the Sellvia platform seems to be superior to the competition.

  1. Sellvia Pricing

In order to try the complete software, Sellvia offers a 14-day free trial. Following this, you can choose to subscribe to the paid plan, which costs $39/Month.

You can receive a $78 discount when you sign up for a yearly subscription, bringing your total cost down to $399 from $468.

Both novices and professionals who want to launch a dropshipping business in an intelligent manner can benefit from the annual package. This is due to the fact that it offers all the components you require for your dropshipping business to succeed.

sellvia pricing

    2. AliDropship Pricing

Because AliDropship offers so many products as solutions for dropshipping businesses, it doesn’t merely have a pricing area.

WordPress and WooCommerce are the foundations of the entire AliDropship platform.

Their products consist of:

   Custom Stores:

The AliDropship team’s custom store service enables you to order a store that will be created exclusively for you from the ground up.

Your request will guide the store’s layout and operation.

The price is as follows:

  • Basic – $299
  • Ultimate – $899
  • Advanced – $499
alidropship prcing

    AliDropship Plugin

The AliDropship plugin is divided into the AliDropship for WordPress and the AliDropship Woo categories.

Each costs $89 as a one-time payment.

  • Logistic Services

For each sale a user makes through Sellvia, a built-in logistic infrastructure distributes the purchased items. AliDropship, however, makes use of AliExpress logistics.

You must keep in mind that Sellvia’s internal logistics only operate within the United States, whereas AliExpress’s logistics operate internationally.

The disadvantage of AliExpress logistics is that products are delivered in the US through Sellvia in just 1-3 business days as opposed to 7-15 business days for AliExpress.

The quick shipping time is definitely a game-changer because it will improve the shopping experience for your customers in your business and encourage them to place further orders because of the quick delivery of your products.

  • The Quantity of Products to Import

The number of items you can import into your store differs significantly between the two platforms as well. Sellvia’s product catalogue only contains a small number of items for sale, in contrast to Alidropship’s significantly wider selection.

But one advantage of Sellvia over Alidropship is that its products are carefully chosen and have a higher possibility to sell.

You should think about subscribing to Aliexpress’ Premium Products if you want the best products to import to your business.

An editorial team of professionals carefully chosen this package, which has a monthly fee of $39 and ensures that customers will only receive high-quality options.

  • Compatibility Across Platforms

The primary difference between Sellvia and Alidropship is that Sellvia supports both Shopify and WordPress, whereas Alidropship only supports WordPress.

Any of these platforms can be used to create your store and connect it to the Sellvia warehouse.

It may be difficult for people who are more used to Shopify to create a store using WordPress for Alidropship.

This is Sellvia’s strong suit because it can integrate with various platforms and makes it easier for everyone who wants to sell products online.


When you take into account the ongoing responsibilities of running your online store, the dropshipping business might be challenging.

On the other side, it may be very low-stress work that allows you the freedom to live the life you choose and spend time with your family.

Only when a business is run entirely automatically will this be possible.

There is no such thing as right or wrong because they are both members of the same team. You can sell to the US by using Sellvia, which lowers the chance of a customer chargeback because products from AliExpress take so long to arrive.

On the other side, AliExpress enables you to sell to any country, including the US.

With AliDropship, you can use Sellvia simultaneously, and with Sellvia, you can use AliDropship.

If you want to sell to the US and you’re particular about getting your package there quickly, I’d advise using SELLVIA.

FAQs- Sellvia VS AliDropship

No. Our software and the store dashboard are so handy and user-friendly that even a kid can handle it all with no effort.

Sure! Your subscription may be cancelled at any time.

Any WordPress website with the AliDropship Original plugin installed will work. It is the ideal option for those without experience because it provides a wide variety of additional features and tools (such as built-in themes, a handy dashboard showing the most crucial store information, etc.). Only AliDropship’s shop themes are compatible with this version of the plugin.

AliDropship Woo plugin will ONLY work on your website if you have the WooCommerce plugin installed.   While merely carrying out the essential dropshipping operations, this version allows you to completely customize your store.

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