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Selling on Walmart’s online marketplace, "Walmart Seller Central" is one of the easiest ways to market your products, because they have such a large number of customers. Alongside the other items on the platform, the products from the marketplace are listed in Walmart.com's search results.
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Walmart Marketplace allows third-party sellers to list their products on Walmart’s website.  You’ll go through a similar process on Walmart Marketplace if you’ve sold products on Amazon or eBay. On the website, users search and look through seller product listings.

You have a great opportunity to showcase your products in front of a large audience through Walmart Marketplace. Walmart’s online sales are increasing rapidly.  As more consumers purchase at Walmart online, you have a great chance to connect with new leads.

It’s important to remember that your products will show up in search results alongside other Walmart products. You’ll need to remember this when listing products because you’ll be competing with them (and their pricing).

Why to Choose Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Seller Central Marketplace has a significant impact on eCommerce sales. You should use this website to sell your products for a variety of reasons.

  1. No Monthly Fees

There are no monthly fees to pay, which is one of the main reasons for selecting this platform. Although using the site will cost a referral fee. Depending on the kind of product you intend to sell, this fee can be anywhere between 6 and 15 percent. This works out well for many sellers in contrast to other websites where you must pay a monthly cost on top of selling expenses.

The business bases its referral fees on the category that your product belongs to, but they are very open about what they are (check here for current fees for your category). The most expensive prices can be found in the baby, clothing, furnishings, gourmet food, and home and garden categories. Consumer electronics, appliances, and video game consoles typically have the lowest pricing.

Walmart does not have any control over the pricing you charge for your products because you set the prices. Of course, if you want to sell at a greater conversion rate, being competitive is important.

  1. It Helps You Develop Your Brand

The ability to develop your brand in front of one of the biggest global consumer bases is provided by Walmart Marketplace. Even if a customer simply browses your website without purchasing, your name, logo, and product line are becoming more famous and building brand recognition. In long-term, this produces greater results for you.

Additionally, it helps to increase consumer confidence. Customers who know little about your brand might not want to purchase it if it is less popular. However, consumers believe that Walmart will deliver high-quality products. Your brand gains a little bit more credibility as a result of being on the Walmart Marketplace platform.

  1. Low Competition

Montly sellers are selling their products on Amazon because its a largest marketplace. But there won’t be as many competitors if you sell through Walmart Seller Central. In the end, however many other criteria also play a part, that tends to result in more buyers.

The organization is very selective about approving sellers, which results in less competition. Their hiring procedures might be strict. But once you are approved, you get better results due to low competition.


  1. More Customer Base

You might be able to receive additional leads via Walmart Marketplace. Many customers who shop on the website do not want to pay for Amazon Prime membership; in fact, they may not even use Amazon. While Walmart does not charge the fees associated with Amazon Prime, it does provide two-day shipping.

Higher conversions are among the major advantages of selling on the website. The Amazon buy box is a significant factor, so that’s one way that can happen. But getting the buy box might be challenging, especially when you’re up against Amazon itself in the sales race. The seller with the lowest price receives the Walmart buy box.


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Best Businesses for Walmart Seller Central Marketplace

best business walmart

Products of all kinds can succeed on Walmart Marketplace. If you’ve ever entered a Walmart store, you are aware of the extensive range of products they offer. However, Walmart Seller Central offers much more than that. Some sellers might perform better on the site than others.

  • Best Categories

In most situations, those who are selling products in the company’s most popular categories will succeed on the platform. This covers products from the appliance, electronics, and home renovation categories. There are still successful areas.

  • Ready Made Products

Your chances of success on this platform are highest if your products are developed and offered for sale. There is a wide range of products offered by the company, but there is no time to waste.  

  • Ready to Go Large Inventory

Additionally, you must have a large stock on hand. Given the size of Walmart Marketplace, the majority of the products receive attention. This indicates that you should have product available, and Walmart will inquire about it before allowing you access to the site.

How to Choose the Best Items to List on the Walmart Marketplace

The first step in finding products is to find the top sellers. The significance of actionable data is vital though.

When you are unsure about the quantity of buyers, it might be difficult to decide whether to sell. At the moment, Walmart Seller Central does not offer this data.

So, how should this issue be resolved? utilizing alternative tools for eCommerce analysis.

A popular option for Amazon merchants is AMZScout. The fundamentals of eCommerce, however, remain constant across websites, regardless of where you sell (on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.).

Here are some selection criteria that will be useful for the majority of products:

  • Use products that weigh less than 5 pounds(lighter products save shipping)
  • Offer products priced between $10 to $600(so you can make a an excellent net margin)
  • Do not sell products that contain mechanical parts(as they are more difficult to break)
  • Avoid hazardous items or itemsthat require special shipping (unless you have an opportunity to do so.)
  • Make sure to stick with items that sell consistently(unless there is a plan to beat the effects of seasonality)

Eligibility to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

walmart eligility

Walmart Seller Central marketplace has very specific rules regarding product eligibility. You will need to follow these steps to become a Walmart Marketplace seller:

    • Register your business in the U.S.
    • If you’re not in the U.S., provide a DUNS Number
    • Get positive reviews for your products in other places.
    • You should be able to fit in one of the company’s product categories.
    • A product that is competitively priced.

To be invited, you must make sure to show Walmart you have a product that is in line with other items they sell on their website. It could mean that you have a greater selection of products and/or offer a more affordable price. It is important to prove to Walmart that you are able to deliver a product that’s consistent of the same high quality. It is essential to have a quick fulfillment setup. Also, you must be in a position to provide your customers with a good level of customer service. All of these aspects determine whether they’ll make an effort to invite you.

How can you inform them that your business exists and is able to help them achieve their objectives? You must apply to be able to access the program. Visit the Request to Sell page on the website. You’ll have to submit information and sign your Retailer Agreement to be considered. After that, they’ll assist you in the process of onboarding.

Why would you prefer Walmart Marketplace to Amazon?

Why would you prefer Walmart Marketplace to Amazon

In general, you are not required to make a choice. You can list your products on both, which is frequently a smart move since it gives you access to more leads. Keep in mind that most individuals don’t utilize both platforms and don’t want to pay for Amazon Prime access.

Additionally, you’ll discover that Walmart Marketplace is less expensive overall in terms of listing fees and expenses (and it is far easier to understand what you are likely to pay when you sell something). It’s beneficial to not have to pay a fee to list your products.

Although the market is competitive and expanding, there is currently little competition. It’s definitely worth making the effort to do so if you can get beyond the gate and receive an invitation from Walmart to join. Remember that even though there is no actual risk in giving it a try, creating your application will take some time, but there is no cost involved.


Can you make as much money as you would on Amazon? What you’re selling and the level of competition you have on both sites truly determine the answer in this situation. Find out where your products are most likely to succeed by doing some research. 

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