Why is Alibaba So Cheap? 5 Key Reasons

One of the main reasons why Alibaba has gained such a huge success is due to its reputation for providing cheap products. Because customers may communicate directly with suppliers via the Alibaba online marketplace, Alibaba items, which are often offered in bulk, can be significantly less expensive for consumers.
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Alibaba is among the most well-known eCommerce websites that operate across the globe. It is connected B2B providing with a seamless trading environment. Have you ever thought about why is Alibaba so cheap?

Many foreign companies purchase directly from Alibaba and sell through Amazon. All of this is because of a flawless trade-off between the two companies that operate these eCommerce websites. Our aim is to find out the causes of lower costs on Alibaba.

In previous article we discussed the 5 main reasons why Aliexpress is so cheap. Today, I’ll talk about the reasons why is Alibaba so cheap. But after buying the cheap products from Alibaba or Aliexpress, I would recommend to use a tool like this free google chrome extension to calculate selling price of the products for good profit margin before you list them on your store.

How Does Alibaba Work?

Alibaba has more than 700 million active buyers. The stated mission of Alibaba is to “make it easy to do business anywhere.” That covers both local suppliers who can be based in China and small enterprises all around the world.

Alibaba provides a variety of tools and services to help with this process, making it simple for small businesses to find the products they need at reasonable prices and for individual manufacturers to connect with new customers worldwide without having to pay the high commission fees typically associated with international trade channels.

Alibaba’s business model serves as a model for other online businesses to adopt. It has established a fascinating dynamic akin to B2B trading (Alibaba manufacturers can negotiate with Alibaba buyers), but with the introduction of Tmall and Taobao, it also paved the way for rapid expansion in the e-commerce B2C and C2C sectors.


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How Does Alibaba Make Money?

how alibaba make money

Alibaba platforms generate revenue in several primary ways, besides their core commerce offerings, which include cloud computing, entertainment, and digital media.

  • Online marketing and paid advertising
  • Commissions on sales transactions
  • There are no membership fees.
  • Sellers who own a storefront pay storefront fees

Alibaba generates revenue through these value-added services, but it also reduces its operating costs by not having to stock inventory or provide warehouses. Alibaba platform allows wholesalers and manufacturers to manage their operations. You can also generate revenue from Alibaba by doing dropshipping from Alibaba.

This is a major difference in the Alibaba conversation. Alibaba generates less revenue than Amazon but has lower operating and logistic costs. As it expands its product offerings, Alibaba is able to be more flexible and scalable.

With that in mind we can now look closely at the reasons why is Alibaba stock so cheap.

5 Reasons Why is Alibaba So Cheap?

5 reason why alibaba-is-cheap

Due in part to its reputation for providing affordable products, Alibaba has achieved remarkable success and popularity. I have listed here 4 main reasons why is Alibaba so cheap.


  1. Bulk Purchasing

Bulk purchasing is one of the biggest reasons why is Alibaba so cheap. Bulk purchase of products can be made by customers at wholesale costs, allowing them for a bigger profit margin when resold. For buyers who need to purchase an item in big quantities, this lowers the cost per unit. Additionally, it means that purchasing and shipping products will take less time and money.

Selling in bulk is beneficial for Alibaba wholesalers since it can reduce the cost of packaging and shipping. Since many wholesalers also manufacture products for Alibaba, they can provide considerably more affordable pricing to customers directly.

  1. Direct Purchase from Manufacturers

Buyers can communicate directly with Alibaba manufacturers when making bulk purchases through Alibaba’s marketplace, as opposed to the business that is really selling the manufactured items. As a result, part of the overhead expenses related to further marketing, promotion, and customer service are saved by manufacturers.

Alibaba wholesalers frequently decide to sell their products through one of the site’s various paid options, although this is still less effective than attempting to reach a broad range of customers from other sources.

  1. Price Negotiation

Alibaba enables price negotiations between customers and sellers, which can result in an even lower price. This requires some knowledge of the market, the items, the Alibaba manufacturer, the competitors, and careful negotiation techniques, but handled correctly, it may be quite advantageous for customers.

Buyers can quickly and easily interact directly with the Alibaba wholesaler to discuss not just the total cost or price per unit but also deposit charges and payment choices by using the “Contact Supplier” option.

While some suppliers can be unwilling to bargain on price, if a buyer is dedicated to routinely purchasing more products from Alibaba, the supplier might be more open to doing so.

  1. Low Manufacturing Costs

Many Alibaba manufacturers create their products in China or other countries since labor costs there are frequently substantially lower than elsewhere in the world. China has the largest population in the world—nearly 1.4 billion—and an abundance of ready labour.

However, there are additional aspects that make manufacturing in China appealing, such as cheaper taxes, a more effective supply chain, and less regulatory compliance (environmental, safety, and fair wages).

Of course, some manufacturing processes raise issues, such as those involving child labor, unequal pay, and shady working conditions. While the Chinese government has made reform initiatives, these efforts have been slow to materialize and will probably take some time.

  1. Low Shipping Cost

The Chinese government provides exporters with a variety of options. They provide subsidies as they ship the stock. Bulk inventory also stops you from making new investments. As a result, the products appear so cheap.


Alibaba is a market leader in wholesale products and is frequently referred to as “Amazon of China.” Due to the fact that Alibaba essentially serves as a hub for wholesalers, business owners will be able to get affordable costs on large purchases from Chinese suppliers.

FAQs about why is Alibaba so cheap

The answer is a little complex.  Dealing with a shady supplier or Chinese company on Alibaba can result in fraud.

Choose Alibaba trade assurance suppliers whenever possible, and talk over the terms with your trustworthy supplier there.

Since suppliers are not required to have business licenses, it is preferable to only have orders with trade assurance from your gold supplier membership.

Yes. The lost cost products does not necessarily mean poor quality. Instead, there are more chances to create the given inventory, lower manufacturing costs, and fewer taxes.

For added assurance, you can request a high-quality sample with a factory audit and factory inspection reports from your supplier’s business account.

The majority of suppliers on Alibaba offer reasonably priced products. 

Sure, Alibaba trade assurance guarantees the total security of both retail and wholesale customers. A trading company may request a refund in the event of:

  1. Products procure low quality and are not as described.
    2.The delay in shipping is because of a variety of causes.

A business that trades is secure when placing the Alibaba trading assurance purchase.

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