Why is Aliexpress So Cheap? 6 Main Reasons

AliExpress eliminates the middleman and sells directly to the customer. You purchase from the manufacturer who keeps prices low. So you can see why AliExpress products are so inexpensive when you combine China's supplier-friendly ecosystem with the D2C (Direct to Customer) AliExpress business model.
why Aliexpress is so cheap

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People often ask this question that why is AliExpress so cheap?. You will learn the exact factors that go into determining a product’s cost pricing in this blog post when we provide you with the solution to this question. Learning about the elements that make up the price is quite interesting. You also have the opportunity to download product images and videos from Aliexpress using this free chrome extension.

You can also buy cheap products on Alibaba.  Both Aliexpress and Alibaba  operate as sister companies of the same owner – Alibaba Group. But don’t forget there is a difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress. 

The main difference is their target audience . Alibaba’s sellers typically target to businesses and accept large orders (B2B model). On the other hand, Aliexpress sellers only accept small orders (B2C model).

Lets discuss the 6 main reasons about why Aliexpress is so cheap for you.

1. Direct Purchase from Manufacturers

Now do you know why is AliExpress so cheap?  This is as a result of your direct purchase from a Chinese manufacturer or distributor. There are no longer any intermediaries like importers, middlemen, or other wholesalers. The cost of goods is lower because Chinese wages are much lower. But this is only one of the factors that make AliExpress so inexpensive.

2. Bulk Discount

bulk discount

Another factor in ‘Why is AliExpress so cheap’ is the bulk discount. Many dropshippers use AliExpress due to the fact that almost all suppliers provide bulk discounts. Suppliers will give you an additional price cut for purchasing a large number of products at once.

Getting this particular discount is also simple. Bulk discounts are offered by some suppliers on the product page. By indicating that you’ll make a large purchase, your discount is instantly applied.

Some suppliers encourage you to contact them about placing a large order. Others don’t advertise their willingness to sell in bulk but are open to the proposal when you approach them.

Numerous sellers and dropshippers regularly work with thousands of AliExpress suppliers. They are receptive and open to establishing long-term business ties.

Millions of AliExpress products are discounted or come with free shipping in addition to bulk discounts. High discount products are featured in user perks.


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3. Free or Low Shipping Cost

free delivery

Free of low shipping costs is one of the main reason why Aliexpress is so cheap. Free shipping is a relatively popular feature of vendors on AliExpress.  You assume that sellers charge customers for shipping even when they advertise “free shipping.”

But AliExpress offers free shipping. Actual shipping is free.

How? China’s government supports exports. It supports China Post, a widely used shipping option.

When an AliExpress supplier exports products, they receive a sizable transportation subsidy. Only when the provider ships to countries that have signed trade agreements with China and uses the China Post or Hong Kong Post.

4. Some Products are Counterfeit and of Low Quality

If you’re unfamiliar with AliExpress, you might mistake it for the real counterfeit or low quality products.  Suppliers on AliExpress sell the genuine iPhone 13 for close to $2,000. However, it is true that some (not a large majority, but a respectable number) sell products under false brand names.

Read the product name and description attentively to prevent being scammed, which is the only simple way to do so. You can also know about scams on amazon here.

The items sold are examined by AliExpress. As a result, suppliers cannot fraudulently advertise that they are selling the genuine iPhone 13. Always read the product description carefully.

Don’t purchase branded items from AliExpress. Even though certain companies, like Xiaomi, have official AliExpress sites, the site is mostly for small and medium-sized businesses who want to reach a global audience.

TL;DR: Scammers set some of the cheap prices on AliExpress in the hopes that you won’t be able to tell them apart.

5. Delay in Delivery Time

Recall that we just talked about free shipping? What do you suppose happens when you order “Japanese plate set” from the US? When the shipper receives it from the source, it is loaded into a plane and quickly delivered to you. That is not what actually happens

Why can the Chinese government support transportation costs without suffering large losses, you might think.

This is how it goes. You order something online and select free shipping. It is packaged and sent to the shipping facility by the AliExpress provider. Your package is consolidated and put out for delivery.

However, it doesn’t leave China until after other packages are being delivered close to your address in the United States. The same plane is loaded with thousands of parcels headed your way. You cannot ship your cargo out of China till there are further products.

You do receive free shipping. But it takes a while for your package to show up.

When choosing free delivery, you must wait between three to five weeks while paying for shipping can cut the arrival time to one week, occasionally even a few days. You can have the cheap item and free shipping if you’re willing to wait.

6. Aliexpress is Made for the Common Consumers

Another reason why Aliexpress so cheap is that it is tailor maid for the common man. Branded or customized products are not available on AliExpress. At least not easily. Aside from the scammers attempting to steal your money, very few AliExpress suppliers sell Dell, Gucci, or iPhone 13.

The majority of vendors offer generic products without well-known brand names that are mass-produced in their factories.

You might find this offensive as a dropshipper. To stand out, you could want to sell branded items. So, you’ll need to get in touch with brand personally if you want to sell their designer apparel.

You can dropship products from AliExpress  through supplier and have them packaged and labelled specifically for your consumers if you want to sell stuff under your own brand or label.

How to Avoid Low Quality Products to Buy on Aliexpress?

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase before deciding to purchase any item from AliExpress. Although prices are low, it can seem suspicious if they are too low, don’t you think? You must read reviews, consider how many people have purchased from the seller, and other factors outlined below.

  • Avoid to Buy Branded Products on Aliexpress

On AliExpress, stay away from anything expensive or branded at all costs. In almost every country, brands are given additional protection.

You might not care if a non-branded goods you purchase at an excessively low price is a Chinese copycat or the genuine article. On the other side, if the goods is found to be fake, customs agents will take it.

  • Buy from Approved Sellers

Even though the majority of AliExpress sellers are legit, there are a few dishonest ones. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the credibility of a seller before making a purchase from them. Look for the seller’s ratings on the AliExpress website. Better results result with higher scores. Check the customer reviews to check if they received the described product.

  • Avoid Ridiculously Low Priced Products

Scammers frequently use the technique of offering insanely low pricing on their items. In this way, customers are often fooled. Before making a purchase, check other websites to compare prices to make sure the price listed on AliExpress is not excessively cheap.

  • Always Check Description of the Product

Always read the product’s description before making a purchase. You’re likely to discover something helpful there. Never buy something just because of the brand name or packaging.

The vendor may, for instance, discuss the product’s quality, features, or whether it is an original or a reproduction in the description area. Here, you can also find answers to inquiries about shipment details and refund/replacement policies. Before making a purchase, every customer needs to be informed of these important factors.

always check description of the product


Now you have come to know how is Aliexpress so cheap. There are multiple reasons and 6 of them have been described in this article. On AliExpress, there are reliable and high-quality products. You may purchase them for incredibly low costs, with free shipping and big savings.

You merely need to use caution when navigating the platform to avoid purchasing a “fake” item. Furthermore, you can do that by reading the product description, title, and customer reviews.

“Aliexpress also offers its sellers free Aliexpress dropshipping center where they can avoid for paying any product huting tool.”

FAQs: Why is Aliexpress so Cheap

Ordering from AliExpress is very safe. Shopping on AliExpress is probably safer because of its buyer protection scheme. No matter what you buy on the platform, you are protected as long as you make a direct purchase through AliExpress.

There are a lot of inexpensive items. There are products that may be purchased for just $1 or less. On AliExpress, you may find a large selection of the top low-cost items to fit your demands if you’re seeking for a good bargain on inexpensive items.

Despite the fact that AliExpress does not permit them, counterfeit items are undoubtedly sold there. With well-known names like Nike, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Armani, and others, illegal vendors cover up their fake items. AliExpress sellers routinely distribute covert links to the platform’s naive customers in order to sell counterfeit products.

When it comes to product availability and shipping schedules, only Amazon can compete. However, prices are higher there. But Alibaba is really cheap platform.

You can bargain with any seller.   They sometimes agree and provide discounts . If you plan to purchase multiple items, make sure to negotiate and request a discount.

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